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From Norway here, would also like to see support for direct Google Home devices, as Norwegian most likely will never be supported as a direct language such as Dutch due to the lack of users from Norway.

Currently stuck with IFTTT since Google Home cannot find any devices, and there is no direct support, and making up hundreds of rules to control dimming, lights, soundsystems, etc is not the right way to go at all…

A bit disappointed that Athom cannot give any estimated timeline for the 2.0 release when this is supposed to be supported; almost seem like this issue is not a prioritized issue at all.

Would have expected more from the company behind these units…

Also, linking all Google Home issues to one big thread just makes the issues unorganized and hard to read when you are new to the forum. It would have been better to create a separate category than to link all issues /threads in to one big “mess”…


one correction. Direct Google home support nothing to do with 2.0. The blog post implied that the former coming next month. but may not be with 2.0


if you read in the posts above, Google home integration was promised in the 2.0 release… I do not refer to the current integration which was mentioned to be in Dutch, but the seamless one putting our devices into the Google home app.

As I said, with everything put in on thread its hard to catch all that’s been promised, or whats being commented on.

I want to talk to Google home, not to ask Google to tell homey to…


Google home integration works in Dutch. And works verry well. Its is still not the native integration, but this is good for the time being. Just say ‘vraag homey om…,


I can’t find Homey in list of Google home Dutch?


U can talk to Homey like stated 1 post above urs. Adding devices is under review at Google and will be added later, when approved ofc.


does not work when you are in Norway, just tells me to set the homey to English, even if I set the device to English U.S.

its completely broken, so no, it does not work in any way at the moment.




so, that us why I’m waiting for the seamless integration, as homey will most likely never support Norwegian, and it’s been promised as part of the 2.0 upgrade, which is why I’m nagging about when the 2.0 release will come, or when the integration part will be released.

soon is not a good answer anymore, since it’s been soon for almost a year now. you should be able to give a more reasonable time line, like q1/q2/q3, so we know when to expect it…

i understand that there is setbacks, but giving us a release calendar with updates if the deadline of something is pushed, would go a long way in having patience to wait, instead of just being blind and read soon…


Am not a employee of Athom so I know as much as u do, sorry.


does google home work in dutch now with a dutch speaking homey in the Netherlands ?


That is correct !


for Homey users with a dutch voice on Homey

link homey via this link : https://assistant.google.com/services/a/uid/000000540d2e807f?hl=nl

this frase above should open the discusion thread , so not everybody is looking for the google assistant app


Athom Homey language is set on dutch.
Google home assistent (on android phone), language set on Dutch:

1- “ok google, praat met Homey [talk with Homey]”
2- response on phone:

3- click on “toestaan [allow]”
4- response on phone:

Seems like they are able to connect and with this they have removed the issue: “I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English”.

Now it’s moneytime!


Yes… its working for me now. Test it tonight.
Is there also an update coming up for activation frase to be shorter?

Hey google, ask homey to…(vraag homey om)
To only “hey google”

Just like the other app integrations do?
(Example: xiaomi mi home yeelight app, i dont need to say "hey google, ask yeelight to…)

Hopefully this will be happening for the integration woth homey.


And now even i can link my acount without setting my phone and google home to english on https://assistant.google.com/services/a/uid/000000540d2e807f?hl=en-GB for Great britain and im Sweden, something has happened at google, i had some real issues earlier linking.


Hi all,

I have my Google Home now connected and it works to send NL voice commands to Homey. I never had trouble with voice recognition of commands in Homey, only the voice responses of Homey are often stuttering.

Just out of curiosity, will the integration in the future also enable flow voice responses to Google Home? Meaning the full voice functionality (voice command, response and questions) will be taken over by Google Home or Alexa types of integrations?


works here to, guessing they fixed something in the new firmware… :blush:

still, homey and harmony is conflicting, so it always thinks I’m talking to harmony, anyone know how to fix this?


Our original Harmony Action (red icon), which requires you to say “ask Harmony” when issuing voice commands, has been retired.

If you’re using our original Action, we recommend unlinking and linking to the current Action (blue icon), using the steps on this page.



Hi guys,

Whenever I ask my google home mini to ask homey to do something, she replies that homey does not respond. The flow does work though. But after that homey won’t respond to ok homey anymore.

Anyone else with this problem and how to solve it? It looks like google is waiting for a response and Homey is stuck on something?