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Google Nest SDM

Hoi Michiel, eerlijk gezegd niet echt aan toegekomen, buiten lonkt :grin:

Martin Verbeek

Hello,first thanks for this great app!
Little problem:i have a doorbell Nest Hello who works perfectly with your app(motion sensor,screenshots),i also have two Nest max but since few days motion sensor doesn’t works on them and the image are 4-5 days old…
I try to restart the app,remove the devices and logout and re-login,always same problem:doorbell works but cameras Nest max doesn’t.Thanks😉

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Could you check the log when a motion occurs and pm it to me?

I do not own hub max myself but should act like camera type.

Did it work before, and if yes anything changed like update of the app?

Martin Verbeek

The log only list the motions of the doorbell not the hub max…
Yes,it worked perfectly a few days ago,problem is started 3-4 days ago when i notice the yellow exclamation doesn’t appears when i walk behind my nest max…

I have seen occasionally that Google events are not being passed along for a number of days. No clue why this happens and out of control of the app. As I do not see event entries in the log, it might be related. Could you check back in after a couple of days and see if they reappeared?

Martin Verbeek

Same problem here for the hub max. Last notification for motion alert is 7 days ago. While the nest app on my phone gave a motion alert yesterday when a friend was visiting and i did some grocery’s.

Hi Peter, Is it only for the hub max that you experience the issue?


Yes it is. No problem with the nest hello, Martin.

Merci Pieter, is it also only Motion? could you trigger a motion and PM me the log from within the App?

Hello Martin,after 2 days,still the same problem with my 2 hub max,when i walk behind the hub no motion detected by homey,nothing appears on the log,only the motions of the Nest hello.
I try to remove hubs from the app and reinstall but no changes
I have the motions notifications of the Nest app.
Maybe Google changes something on their side

It has something to do with their platform. I am exploring the possibility to check if a pull message is possible when events are not received for a longer time with push processing…

Will be back

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Could you do a logout and login again in the app, and pm me the log?

Martin Verbeek

Strange,yesterday i try again to remove the devices and reconnect them after,hoping my hub max will worked but same problem :the app discover my devices(hello and 2 max) but only motions of the hello are seen by homey.
I didn’t uninstall the app by the way,just logout and login after.
Sorry for you,hope the great developper of this app will find where the issue come from😉

Hello Martin.

I’m so sorry, but the mistake for the nest hello is all mine. Somehow i broke the google cloud project. I don’t know how. But i made a new google cloud project. And nest hello works fine again. I still have problems with the nest hub max.

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Thanks for letting know. You should be able to just input the GCP id to reuse it when you do a fresh install. The app will check and update it with new info. I have used it a number of times. Same goes for Device Access. Put it on my list to check again.

Martin Verbeek

I cannot install anything from the community app, what am I missing?

Not an expert on the community store. But did you login / connect to your Homey from the website. It need to install an app that supports installing community apps.

Martin Verbeek

Is it possible to get the name of the face detected? From the Nest Aware analysis

Hi Lennart, that is not made available through the API.


Thanks for the info.

Could it be possible to make a card that requests a new image from the cameras?

I tried to push the detected person image to face recognition but it only shows the image when the person is detected at a distance.

then we could request a few images with a few seconds interval and try as the person comes closer.