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Google Nest SDM

That is also one of the shortcomings of google s API, you cannot do an on demand image request :unamused:.

Maybe you can try set a zone in the nest app to have the event flow later, not sure if it works but might worth a shot.


I keep getting this error message when trying to login from the Google Nest tab inside the app configuration. Any Idea what I’m doing wrong and what I could to to resolve this? Many thanks.


I am assuming you are installing the app and it has not worked.

Google´s view of a App is what you define in google cloud. I think what is going wrong is that during definition of the consent page the publish of the app was not done correctly…(again assuming looking at the content of the message)

I just got the brand new Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam. These don’t seem to be supported? None of them are detected.

Did you logout and login again to authorize access to the new devices or just tried to add a device?

Martin Verbeek

I did a fresh install. Only my Google Hub Max is detected. The Nest Cam and Doorbell (both 2021) don’t show up in the SDM for allowing access to them, only the Hub Max.

BTW the Hub Max doesn’t work, like @Ewen_Le_guennec mentioned earlier in this topic

Hello,i think Google doesn’t included the new doorbell and cam in the Api yet,in the few days/weeks surely😉
And after many manipulations, the Nest max still doesn’t works,he did works the first weeks of the homey app release,and one day stops,it appears in homey but no detection of the camera’s motions

I have a strange problem when I do the last step (log on to Google Nest). I get the message: Something went wrong, please contact the developer. I know this isn’t a problem of the Google Nest SDM, but I cannot seem te figure out what is wrong and maybe someone had the same problem?

Hi Wilco, could you PM me the log from the app when the problem occurs?

Hello Martin,

Thank you for the reply I did send you a DM with the logging!