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Google qubino

how do i link qubino to google home

As we are in the English part of the forums i deleted the Dutch part of your txt.

Not different then other brands connected with homey i guess;)

So please give some more information what you want exactly

google dont find Qubino zmnhod
Homey yes

If you want them conect directly on gh you on the wrong forum. But guess you want them through homey connected with gh.

Dont know the device, but if they added as light they should be viseble on gh.

It’s a roller shutter Modul, as I know Roller Shutter are not supported by google?!

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In that case make a virtule switch to control it in gh

Roller shutters are supported by Google Home however Homey doesn’t sync them to Google.
Proof: https://developers.google.com/assistant/smarthome/guides/shutter