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Gree HVAC app


This app adds support of Gree compatible HVACs to Homey.

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Gree app in Homey Apps
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This app is an Open Source Software developed in free time by one developer.

If you want to thank the author of this app you can use Patreon

Supported devices

  • Gree Wi-Fi HVACs
  • Argo Wi-Fi HVACs
  • Cooper&Hunter Wi-Fi HVACs
  • Daitsu Wi-Fi HVACs
  • Tosot Wi-Fi HVACs
  • Wilfa Wi-Fi HVACs

This app is tested using Cooper&Hunter Alpha CH-S18FTXE

If you found that your HVAC works and brand is not mentioned above please create an issue to add this brand as compatible


Fan speed

“Medium Low” and “Medium High” speed modes are not available for 3-speed HVACs


“X-Fan” mode might be turned off automatically by AC in case of switching HVAC mode from Dry and Cool.

That means you need to turn it on manually when switch to Dry/Cool mode if you want to use it.

Vertical swing

“Disabled”/“Default” position means that vertical swing will be stopped and left on the current position.


Help wanted to verify and update any incorrect translation.

Feel free to create issues/pull requests.

reserved for future

reserved for future use

Finally I will get my two airco’s upcoming weekend. Could you tell me if the connection with Homey is local, or via Chinese servers? Otherwise I will install them on my guest network.


The plugin works using local connection. The AC and Homey must be in the same IP network, because plugin uses broadcast lookup

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Thanks for your quick reply! And that’s great, so it’s independent of any server or internet connection. Awesome!

Thanks for making my heat pump talk with Homey.
Now to my issue.
My electrical supplier Tibber, support Homey and offers a pretty advanced algorithm for controlling the heat pump based om room temperature, outside temperature, time and weather forecast. In order to make use of this feature, the pump or app need to report ambient room temperature. Would it be possible to get the app to obtain temperature value from a temp sensor in the same room?

Hi Jostein

Gree HVAC app receives temperature from the internal sensor (if present) of the interior block.

If you see “-” as a current temperature it means that interior block doesn’t report internal temperature.

I don’t know exactly how your Tibber application works, but if you need to have some device which reports temperature from the other device and has possibility to set temperature you could try VThermo app.

Hi! Thanks for the really great app, I use it for my 3 C&H and implemented already a lot of automation.

The only thing I noticed is that Turbo Mode enabling/disabling doesn’t trigger the event and I can’t track this change to start flows.

Please check if there is a way to fix it easily. Thanks!

Hi @vladimir_m

I’m happy to hear that the app is useful for you.

Could you please confirm that you are talking about the section “When” in the flows?
I did a quick look and it seems that all should be fine.

Unfortunately I cannot test it right now with AC.

Hi @aivus,

Yes, this is about the section “When”.

Attached is an example of the flow which is not triggered.

I could participate in debugging or testing if there is a way to do that remotely.

Try to use local tag “Turbo mode” instead of checking mode of the AC itseft.

In the section “And select “Logic” => “Is equal to yes”” and for the tag use tag on the top of the list in the section “Local tags”

Like here: https://homey.app/f/d-Hbov

I decided to create my own variable completely and follow its changes and enabling/disabling turbo mode on all air conditioners depending on it. No the best way comparing to direct mode enabling disabling, but still the solution. Thanks for the idea, @aivus!