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Guide to Connecting gBridge to Homey for Google Assistant


@Peter_de_Vos Try restarting the client & hub apps. And did you try installing the beta version of the hub (contains a small change in MQTT Client registration)?



Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem (can’t create any new devices) with any of my production, monitoring or testing accounts on the gBridge platform. Even with a new account, it works flawlessly.

Could you please send me your user id (as seen in your MQTT username)? I can have a more detailed look into it then.

Who else is affected by this problem? (@KonradWalsh ?)


Did all of it. Seems no problem on Homey site


username: gbridge-u1193

I did try yet and still same problem


Did you try using another browser? (Switch inbetween chrome/ firefox/ safari/ edge)

Please eventually try creating a new account, too.


The browser is the problem thnx i feel a litle bit dumb


Could you please tell which browser did (not) work for you?

It is actually really good to investigate this issue, so I can fix and/ or document it.

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Browser that wont work is edge


Can’t even get it back to work with a new gbridge account with only one device. Reinstalled the hub and client, but no result. Had multiple devices working rather well last week. No idea wat has changed.


I have the same problem, mine just stopped working overnight and I’ve tried to reinstall everything too.


Same overhere :grimacing:


It still works for me. Just tested it to be extra certain. Strange that you guys have this problem :neutral_face:
Edit: could maybe be that it stops working after a reboot for some reason? I have not rebooted my homey for a while.


Not sure, but it could be after the 2.1.1 rc update. Crossed my mind for a moment yes


I can also confirm that rebooting the client and then the hub (in that order) made it work again.
I have a working setup right now.

Old post:
I updated to 2.1.1 and can now confirm that this does not work for me anymore (caused by the reboot or the update are unknown).

I have not yet tried to search for causes very thoroughly but I did notice that in MQTT Hub I get the log message:

20190411-10:07:21 Error publishing message


Tried that several times in that order without any results


This actually worked for me. I don’t know why or how but now it’s back up again.


Let’s keep the gBridge discussion in this topic that’s meant for it :slight_smile:

Anyway, have you looked at the logs in both MQTT Client and Hub?
Are there any strange things in there?


I will answer you later on in this topic :wink:

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After another reinstall it looks like it’s working again finally! Happy!!!


Beste Peter, zou je kunnen vertellen welke instellingen je hebt gebruikt? Ik heb de hele post goed doorgelezen, maar krijg het helaas niet werkend.