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Halemeijer zigbee controller and sender integration

After some trial and error, the integration of a Halemeijer remote control (HA-ZGMW2-S) and two led-lamp controllers (HA-ZGMW2-E) succeeded as unknown zigbee devices. Halemeijer’s instruction on the integration is somewhat confusing.
Is it possible to have Homey also control the cold/warm white setting of the lamps?

As a device isnt supported with a app in homey, it indeed adds as generic device.

Side effect is that you can only switch it on/off as the rest would be handeld by the specific app. So no options to dim it

Thanks Roy.
Homey can change the light intensity, but only by selecting the device “manually” and then changing the dim level by hand. But indeed it is not possible to use this dim capability of the device in a flow.
Pity, but on/off is already a step forward. Let’s hope for a Halemeijer app.

Maybe want to make a request here

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Hi Wim,

I have the samen remote of Halemeier HA-ZGMW2-S. As there was no manual delivered with it, I have no clue how to get this remote in learning mode to be able to get it connected to my Homey device.
You mention that you managed by trial and error. Can you tell me how you were able to connect this remote to Homey? Thanks in advance.

Hi Tom,

Halemeier has several instruction manuals on their site. Including an instruction on how to integrate into an network in a seperate PDF.

The sequence is 1: reset to factory setting, 2: set to network mode, 3: follow instructions to connect.

Hope it works


Wim van der Velden

Thanks Wim,
I managed to connect it to Homey but as there is no app I used Homey Generic Zigbee. But it sees this device as a Lamp or other thing to control and not as a remote. Can you tell me how you managed to make it see it as a remote control or switch?

Hi Tom,

Without a proper app that will not be possible. Halemeier informed me they will not develop an app for homey and refer to the zigbee 3.0 standard.

I needed the remote to be connected to my homey network, because now I’m able to control the connected halemeier lights via the remote and via homey and via two wall switches (Ecodim), as zigbee devices can be connected to only one network. So within the homey network the remote is useless, but needed to be integrated so I could control the lights at least to some extend (on/off, dim, but not the light color).
The remote does support touch-link and should be able to connect to zigbee touch-link lights.


Wim van der Velden

I see. Thanks for your answers. Will use my phone instead of the remote.