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Harmony Hub (v2.0.7)

Jeroen Merci for this app so far. I’m a happy user since long time

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Could anyone help me please? All the harmony devices show a warning sign and when I press it, it states “Hub is offline”.

Try rebooting the Harmony app in Homey.

Homey doesn’t run the flow when any harmony activity is activated. This worked previously with no issues. I made a flow so Homey would set the desired listening mode (surround or stereo) when an activity is run on the homey.

But this doesn’t work anymore. I rebooted Homey, restarted harmony app, rebooted Harmony device, uninstalled harmony on homey and reinstalled it. Nothing works.

Can only change volume and channel in devices and activities. Would be great if there were 4-directional arrows with center button, setup, menu…