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Harmony Hub (v2.0.7)

Jeroen Merci for this app so far. I’m a happy user since long time

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Could anyone help me please? All the harmony devices show a warning sign and when I press it, it states “Hub is offline”.

Try rebooting the Harmony app in Homey.

Homey doesn’t run the flow when any harmony activity is activated. This worked previously with no issues. I made a flow so Homey would set the desired listening mode (surround or stereo) when an activity is run on the homey.

But this doesn’t work anymore. I rebooted Homey, restarted harmony app, rebooted Harmony device, uninstalled harmony on homey and reinstalled it. Nothing works.

Can only change volume and channel in devices and activities. Would be great if there were 4-directional arrows with center button, setup, menu…

Hi, I could look into it. However, possibility to do this is defined by the options that Homey has for the UI. I’m not familiar whether this possible but I’ll look into it.

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I’m currently also using the app on Homey version 5.0 and do not encounter any issues. Could you generate a diagnostic report when you encounter the issue and share the ID of the report with me.

The ID:

It stopped worked for me as well. I tryied to reinstall but cant find the hub. Any recommendations please?

since there is no shield support for homey I connected everything via harmony hub. My activities are working fine but what I actually want is that when I say “pause” to my GH through homey, that will happen.
Can someone help me with this.

start activiti is working fine and volume up and down to.

this is my flow now.

Is there any hope that this app will work again? Or has it been abandoned?



Maybe tell us whats the problem, because its working great over here

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All activities/controls stopped working. Tried restarting the app and homey which did not help. I then removed the app and reinstalled but homey can’’t find harmony hub even though it is connected and working fine with its own hub. I reset harmony and event did factory reset but nothing help. On latest version of homey and the harmony 2.0.7

Thanks in advance.

Very strange indeed, looks like you did al the tricks.

Just some checks, the harmony has a fixed ip? Its on the same network?

Otherwise maybe the owner of the app can take a look at it.

@rkokkelk :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: believe you did took over the app?

I did indeed, and I’ve been notified of some increased issues with the new homey v5 while using the harmony hub. Unfortunately I’m currently moving and renovating my new home. Therefor my home automation and harmony hub is currently not implemented, so debugging it now is kinda difficult.

I’ll definitely look into as soon as my own system is up and running again. Until that time I’m open to any pull request that might resolve the issue.


Thanks both for the follow up. My harmony has a static ip.

Does the app still use XMPP? Or web sockets?

I was told by Logitec that they have ceased manufacturing the Harmony Hub product. Mine has a hardware fault and I cannot get a replacement even though it is still under guarantee.

Anyone know of good alternative products that are supported by Homey?

Since a few days Harmony Hub is switching a KaKu switch on and off, as soon as a Harmony activity has started. Anyone any experience with this? How could I fix this? The Harmony hub has no Kaku devices setup, so there should be no link between Harmony Hub and Kaku.

I’ve added some more activities to my Harmony Hub. How do i get them to appear on my Homey - Harmony App. Tried restarting the app.