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Has honey had its day - removal of apps including LightwaveRF

What’s happening with Honey as it seems that the apps and features are being watered down daily.

I only bought honey to control a whole bunch of LightwaveRF lighting alongside a few somfy electric blinds.

I have just been notified that LightwaveRF will no longer be supported in their next update - worse it won’t only be not supported but it wiki not work from the next update onwards.

If this happens there is zero point in me having the honey and surely this must be a case for misspelling a product if they keep removing key apps and features?

So annoyed at Honey right now as I will very soon have a glowing ornament rather than a working Honey

You don’t have to update, they don’t force you…
I myself am still running 2.41 since everything i have and need works like it should.

I get that but that also means any bugs, issues or. Security improvements won’t be added. Honey have taken a number of apps out and big ones like LightwaveRF which was the draw for me buying the honey means it will either be useless to me if I upgrade, or potentially vulnerable in the future as we will be on old version numbers and no longer upgrade.

I bought on the basis of these apps being included and only that things would grow, and also that the device would have updates.

Btw, the device is called a Homey… :stuck_out_tongue:

If it is working and LightWaveRF is so important for you why should you upgrade?
And what vulnerability are you referring to? In LightWave itself? In the protocol it uses?