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Have your coffee ready when you wake up?

Hi everyone!

Since I did not immediatly found something that answered my question on the forum, I’m posting it here!

I was wondering if there are people that automated their coffee machine, and if so, how & which machine. I have a Dolce Gusto Oblo. Unfortunately, when I plug it in, it does not automatically turn on. I have to tap the power button for it to start “heating”. When it’s done (of before) I can flip a lever to choose whether I want hot or cold water. Since the device does not automatically turn on when it gets power, I assume a smart switch won’t do the trick for me :frowning: … Soooooo, therefore I’m curious to how all of you smart people out there might have solved this :nerd_face: !

Thanks for sharing! <3

A “normal” coffee machine Like this wil do


Your coffee machine can possibly be switched on with the Fibaro Smart Implant.
Fibaro Smart Implant
However, it is necessary to open the coffee machine and solder the Smart Implant. Electrical knowledge is essential.
The current Fibaro Beta-App supports the Smart Implant. However, I do not know which functions are supported.
But even if this should work, the problem remains with the heating phase and the selector stick.
Have you ever switched on the coffee machine when the selector stick is already set to heat?

Concerning smart coffee machines, just google and check if there are apps for it. Or use a normal coffee machine like Joel suggested.

I have some electrical knowledge, but very limited on solder-level :sweat_smile: . That + the fact that it’s still in beta and so doesn’t really encourage me to go down that road atm, but thanks for sharing :slight_smile: !! I haven’t switched it on when the selector stick is already set to hot water, but I assume it would start as soon as it’s heated. I’ll test it later!

On the talks with Homey there’s only one smart coffeemachine, that costs 2099 € xD…

Some Siemens coffee machine with Home Connect should work with this app:
Price >= 1.300 €

Well, i’ve got such a device and while it is working like a charm, it is of not so much use. I can let it turn on automatically and I can have it start the coffee making. But I have to prepare so much (fill the water, trow away the old coffee make sure there are enough beans and make sure there is a cup beneath it).

And then, it starts flushing first. When turning on the device, it first cleans the pipes… don’t know how its called in english, but its ‘spoelen’. You just don’t want that water in your cup.

So now i let it turn on when my alarm clock goes. It saves me a little bit of time in the morning. Of of practical use… not that much, albeit, nor does the connect app.


Well, these are the little traps you don’t think about in advance. :joy:
@Mitch_P , the simplest, safest and cheapest variant is a very simple coffee machine with toggle switch and an additional WallPlug… :man_shrugging:t3:


And that solution comes with a nice benefit. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is priceless if you ask me. You don’t have that with a device like mine.


See smarter for keyword, intelligent coffee maker.

For a type of coffee machine that has to be started with a button press, I made this solution, so it can be “presetted” and the machine doesn’t need a modification. (in my case a Philips HD7692 it works perfect)


That’s cool!

Wow nice! Clever thinking :ok_hand:!