HDL Lighting




I was wondering if anyone is working on a integration for HDL System https://www.hdlautomation.com?

Or if there is any developer that would like to create this integration for us? We’re few colleges that have recently putchased Homey and we all have HDL Systems home and at the offices and would love to have an ingeration with Homey.

We’ll be willing to pay for this development, of course at a reasonable price :slight_smile:

Please contact me if you’re interested.


Had a quick look, cant really find a decent documented API to control these devices. It seems someone has created a middleware webserver here but it seems quite complex.

Without a decent documented API it’s hard to create an app, especially if you dont even own the devices.


Probably HDL is willing to make an App for integration in Homey, you can ask them via the form on their site.


I’ll give it a try. Thanks a lot.