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Many thanks balmli. If I understand correctly, the app powers the boiler/heating on and off according to the scheduling that you created. Nice work. Can it be used for multi-zone / multi-device heating? (I have 14 zones)?

The app does not automatically switch devices on and off, but can be used to easily find the “comfort” and “eco” modes based on home, day/night, at work states. So you might reduce the number of flows a lot.

To use the HeatingController you can use the “Comfort” and “ECO” triggers to easily switch between comfort and ECO. Or you can use the more advanced triggers that also take the utility price into consideration. This last thing is only useful if your utility invoice is based on hourly prices, and you live in Nordic or Baltic countries.

Check this link for screenshots and examples:


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I think this app is a great idea, but I have some questions:

  1. Say I want ´Start hour working days´ to be at 06.30. How do I write that in Advanced settings? I guess the correct would be 6.5 However, I only get the numerical keypad, and there is no ´.´ there, only ´,´ which seems to be ignored.
    Can I write 0630?

  2. For End hour not working days, I would like to set the time 01.00. Will this work, since it is the next day?

  3. How does the Home override work? I cant´t find a way to turn it on.

  4. Where do you fetch the energy price? I use Tibber, and the price in the app does not match the Tibber price.

Hi Ketil,

  1. 06:30 must be entered as 6.5. Do you have the latest version on the Homey mobile app? I think this was a bug that has been fixed.

  2. This will need a fix in the app. I will look into that.

  3. Home override can only be set/cleared from a flow. “Set home override on” and “Set home override off”.

  4. The prices are from Nordpool, with no sales tax (“mva.”) or other fees.


  1. I do have the latest version of the app. However, I fixed the problem using copy/paste from the notes app.

  2. Great!

  3. No problem :slight_smile:

  4. I suspected that was the reason.

Anyway, the app is really great! Saves me from having to create a lot of individual flows

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More questions :slight_smile:

Last night, I noticed that the app went from comfort mode to eco mode just before midnight, which is correct according to my schedule, Sunday being a weekend day. However, wouldn’t it be better if evenings of sundays (and holidays before a working day) were treated the same way as working day evenings. After all, I usually go to bed earlier when the next day is a working day :slight_smile:

Similarly, friday evenings and working day evenings before a holiday should be treated as weekend/holiday evenings, since I will usually go bed later on such evenings (haven’t had the chance to test this yet, so maybe this is already the case).

Another thing: I assume the ‘Home override’ mode remains on until it is explicitly turned off(?)

More questions is good :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree that Friday and Sunday evenings should be handled like that. I have thought about it, but not fixed yet.

And the ‘Home override’ stays on until it’s switched off.

New version in app store now: 0.5.3, with fixes for

  • Added ‘Current price among [ x ] hours of the days lowest prices’ condition
  • Fixed bug for ‘Set home’ and ‘Set away’ actions
  • Support end hours after midnight
  • Take ‘working day the next day’ into consideration for ‘Comfort’ and ‘ECO’ - modes.
  • Fixed bug for ‘onoff’ capability.

This is great!

Just to be sure: If I want comfort mode to end at 01:00 on Not workingdays, I just set the “End hour not workingdays” to 01. Right?

Yes, “End hour not workingdays” to 1.

I think there might be a snag somewhere. As you can see from my schedule, Eco mode starts at 22.30, and Comfort mode starts at 05.00.
However, last night Comfort mode was started again at 00.00, and then it went back to Eco mode at 00.18 (The screenshot on the right is from the Sensibo app on my phone. The temperature setting in Sensibo is controlled by the Heating Controller app).

Yes, you found a bug…

‘End hours after midnight’ was wrong for Thursday night and Sunday night.

I have added a lot of new tests, and I hope this app is stable now… :slight_smile:

In app store soon.

One more thing:
Are the ‘Set home’ and ‘Set away’ actions «permanent» the same way as ‘Set home override’ (that is, remains on until explicitly turned off) or are they turned off at the next change triggered by the schedule?

‘Set home’ and ‘Set away’ is the same as switching the device on / off by clicking on it.

So it stays that way until you click or use the actions.

Would it be possible to add functionality for temporary change of mode?

I have two use cases:

  1. I´m working from home. Then I want the house to remain in comfort mode the whole day, obviously.
  2. I´m going out on a Friday night. Then I want to set the house in eco mode when I leave the house.

In both cases I now need to manually turn off “Home override” in the afternoon and “away mode” when I come home, respectively. It would be great (especially the last case :wink:, where it is easy to forget to turn off the away-mode) if the house automatically returned to it´s normal schedule once that one “special case” was over.
So in case 1, when the house switches to comfort mode in the afternoon, my “Home override” is cancelled. And in case 2, when the house enters eco mode late Friday night, the “away mode” is cancelled.

Of course, if I go away for a longer time, I would need to use the current functionality, so the house stays in “away mode”.

Or could something like this be implemented using a flow?

BTW, I really like the Heating controller. Currently I´m running two instances (different time schedules in different rooms), and there will be more :grinning:


Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I have added two new actions:

  • Set away, and automatically switch to home mode on next schedule
  • Set home override on, and automatically off on next schedule

Version 0.7.0 has also international holidays, and conditions for holidays and working day.

You are amazing :grinning:

Thank you!

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Version v. 0.7.0 is in app store now.

Since 0.5.4:

  • Can select country for holidays.
  • Added conditions for holidays (public, bank, observance).
  • Added ‘Set away, and automatically switch to home mode on next schedule’ action.
  • Added ‘Set home override on, and automatically off on next schedule’ action.
  • Added condition for working day.