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Heating Schedule App


Homey is unfortunately missing a real Heating Planner so I was wondering if a dev was willing to tackle this issue?
Maybe some users would like to pull together with me and put out a bounty to reward that dev for their work?


See Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List
and https://github.com/priknr1/priknr1.heatingschedule/tree/SDK2
Might be a good place to continue…


If you’re looking for inspiration on how it could work on a mobile app, ecobee have a great UX for that.


yeah that looks nice


I have made a “heating controller” app, that can be used to easily switch between comfort and ECO modes, and set target temperatures.

Please take a look…



that looks very interessting at all. could someone explain how i use the github-apps with homey?
because i can’t easy install it like the homey-apps.

thank you very much! :slight_smile:


An explanation on how to install applications using the athom-cli


Tried to install via CLI. Guess it is Homey firmware 2.0 only. Wouldn’t install on my f/w v1.5.3

Like the idea. Will try it once I have migrated to 2.0!


Yes, it’s only 2.0.


In app store now:



that was fast!


Can you share you’re setup like heating and thermostat.
And how this app will manage this ( like high over)

Currently my setup is a central heating system managed by the city ( stadsverwarming) and the deliver about 90 degrees hot water to the houses. From there it will be separated to the houses via heatingchanger ( warmtewisselaar) and all the heating panels in every room are controlled with their on thermostat buttons ( open/close valve)

In my case it’s the valve from danfoss/ popp and are zwave controlled and supported by homey.

Can I use this app to control the valves based on schedule date /time home and away ?

Do you use some input from temperature sensors ?

Can you share some screenprint from the setup and configuration screens ?

Many thanks in advanced
Best regards



I guess you were refering to the “HeatingController”, I just mentioned ?

If so, Yes, you can use the HeatingController to manage the Danfoss - valve.

Set the target temperature by using two flows. One for Comfort temperature, and one for ECO temperature.

See the Comfort and ECO flows here:


I made one, due to exactly that reason. “In store now:” https://apps.athom.com/app/app.mskg.homey-heating

More details and a quick look:



A reason to upgrade to v2 (after the Dutch winter)