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Heatit z-trm3 configuration


I have just upgraded my home with Heatit z-trm3 thermostats and a Homey Pro.
Homey firmware: 4.2
Z-trm3 firmware: 4.0 (have to figure out how to upgrade these also)

I have been looking at the forum for similar issues, but with 1 thread and 400 replies ranging from the first release of the app to the latest it is difficult to find similar issues. Not sure if it is possible to have multiple threads within this topic (heatit app) to differenciate between problems and make it easier to search? Anyway, my problems are as follows;

  1. Unable to re-configure the z-trm3 from the homey app
  2. One for the z-trm3’s are not updating the heating mode temperature in advanced settings
  3. A good user manual for the AF mode

Unable to re-configure the z-trm3 from the homey app
I have a floor sensor connected to all of my thermostats. It seems that some of these are positioned too close to the heating cables in the floor because the floor temperature spikes (reaches the setpoint) soon after they are turned on. This issue I’d like to solve by using the AF mode where I can use the floor sensor to protect the floor, and the internal sensor to regulate temperture in the room.
The problem: I go into the advanced settings and switch from floor mode to internal sensor mode. I also changed the “displayed temperature” from floor to internal mode. I the exit advanced settings using the “v” and it returns to settings screen with the text “changes saved”. However, nothing has changed. I go back into advanded settings the original floor mode settings are still relevant.

Do I really have to remove the z-trm3 from my system and re-integrate it to change settings?? That just seems hard.
On a side note, trying to change the mode on the z-trm3 itself also does not work

Heating mode temperature not updating in advanced mode
The device is working and changing temperatures according to “night” and “day” settings. However, the advanced mode heating temperature setting is constant on 250 (25c) regardless. Another (maybe releated) issue is that if I change the temperature setting for the z-trm3 via the app, the app shows it as “turned off” (no information displayed and I cannot change the temperature again). I have to toggle the on/off in the app for it to update information. This only happens for 1 of the 5 thermostats I have.

User manual
This is more a request then an issue.
I believe many of these issues could be resolved by a “user manual” type post on the forum related to each type of device within the Heatit family supported by this app. I guess it’s a lot of work, but I think it would make it much easier to find out how to use the app for a given device and to search for issues related to them

Lastly, I see mention of a 5 meter distance requirement betwen the Homey and the Heatit device. I assume this is only a requirement during configuration since many homes will have problems having all devices within a 5m radius of the Homey.

Thanks for your efforts in creating the app and helping me with these issues
Best regards



AFAIK the z-trm3 is a little tricky(or picky) when including it. So for the configuration problem and temperature update problem, I would suggest you exclude/include the device at very close range. I had my homey about 1m away. And do not breathe when including :wink:

Some info

For the user manual, one can always start a topic in this forum to make a guide for it. The community is about participation, but somebody has to start, it could be you?

Hi and thanks.
I’ll try to put it close by when configuring it. I assume distance is only an issue during configuration.

As for the manual, perhaps it can :slightly_smiling_face:
Just have to learn it myself first…