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Heatit Z-wave app (v2.2.1)

i know, it still does not work 100% I also have a couple of units the do not report current temp. Also some units loose connection after a few days.

It seems that the 900 reporting fix is not a 100% fix.

I was not able to connect to the thermostat anymore after setting it to off with Homey. But I got connectivity back after a long pressing a button on the thermostat.

Now I’m getting temperature reported too. Very good. Thanks for the help!


Please assist :slight_smile: I have a qubino flush dimmer included. Works with the homey app. I´m having problems making the direct association with the z-push 2 button. Do both have to be secure/non secure? Is there a trick ? It simply will not work (crying :slight_smile: )

I recently installed 3 new Z-TRM2(fx) units which all have lost connection within a week. Reporting interval is at 900 so it doesn’t seem to be a fix for me unfortunately. Anyone had more luck trying different things?