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Heatit Z-wave app (v2.4.1)

@Jan_Iversen yes, I am awaiting to receive the 4-button version myself, so I can add support for them in the next update.

Assuming you are referring to the Thermostat. I don’t think the device allows for receiving external Z-wave temperature reports… So I would say no.

Good one. Homey energy is looking to the onoffcapability, whereas I needed to use a custom capability thermofloor.onoff. So Homey energy is not noticing a switch.
Based on this feedback, I do anticipate that your are using the ‘old’ Z-wave thermostat?

Yes, I believe it’s the old one. I’ve had it for over a year. Is there any hope of fixing this issue or will only newer version report correctly? I tried “cheating” by copying the state to a virtual device, but it seems that app also needs updating (not an issue for this thread though).

Hi, i have heatit Zwater and i use temperature sensors connected to it to control under floor heating. For setpoint i want to use vthermo app which is great. The drawback here id that i dont find a way how to show 4 temp sensor in 4 separate rooms. Someone can give a hint?