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Heatit Z-wave app (v2.7.1)

Hi @Dais, thanks for the feedback.

Could you check if the flow is broken (not showing the flow card but a broken symbol) or that the flow is intact. In the latter case, the issue is located somewhere in the driver.

If flow is not broken, can you check if the problem is solved after manually switching the thermostat mode either on the thermostat or from Homey’s UI?

I had to re make the flows.
All of them had been set to “Comfort”

Appologies guys. :frowning_face:
Don’t see where I made the error that results in the flow cards becoming broken.

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Not a problem. I figured it out as soon as I saw that the mode didn’t change as usual :slight_smile:
Only had to edit that card. not the whole flow .

Ok, @Caseda was so kind to point me to the change of flow card argument name, that is causing the Thermostat mode action flow card to become broken. So this issue is only limited to this action card…

Thanks for the fast feedback @Patrick_Janson

Same here, no broken symbols in flows, but all flows where I set to Eco mode was changed to “comfort”.

Just confirming what the others guys have mentioned. All the actions cards where set to Comfort as default, therefore the (ice) cold house when I cam back from work…hehe :slight_smile:

Which maken sense based on the error made. Lucky this error did keep you in all comfort and not in the cold… :cold_face:

(Ice) cold = comfort… sometimes I don’t get the logic :wink:

I’ve just released the intermediate update (v2.0.1) to the app store waiting for approval, adding support for the thermostat onoff trigger and condition cards.

Lucky I read this thread, all set to comfort :rofl:

V2.0.1 is available in the app store.

@Skee and Dennis B. Thanks for your kind contribution! Much appreciated!

A small update on the Z-TRM2fx:
I greatly appreciate working together with ThermoFloor and will try to add support for Z-TRM2(fx) when the module will become available on December 5th.

Does anyone know if my zthrm2 is updatable to ztherm2fx?

And how can I do this?

I do not think so. The fx-version will be without internal room-sensor.

Info from the norwegian ThemorFloor-page:

"Vi har nå sertifisert vår nye Heatit Z-TRM2fx termostat og produktet er leveringsklart.

Heatit Z-TRM2fx har de samme funksjonene som Heatit Z-TRM2, med unntak av intern romføler. Det vil si at Heatit Z-TRM2fx fungerer med gulvføler og ekstern romføler.
Vi jobber med å lage en ny variant, men har ingen informasjon om når den vil være leveringsklar. Termostaten vil få de samme funksjonene som Heatit Z-TRM2fx, men også med intern romføler.

Dersom du har kjøpt Heatit Z-TRM2 kan du nå få bytte den termostaten med en Heatit Z-TRM2fx."

Quick translate:

"The Z-TRM2fx is now sertified and ready to be shipped. Heatit Z-TRM2fx do have the same features as Z-TRM2, with the exeption of internal room sensor. This means that it will work with floor sensor and external sensor. We work on creating a new version, but we have no information on shippingdate. This version will have the same features as Z-TRM2fx, but with internal floor sensor.

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Dont know if i have the better version or not now.
Just bought it, feels like i bought a bad product which will be fased out soon.

Any news for when z-water will be supported by Homey ?

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I consider purchasing a Heat-It Z-Water to control 10 devices with relay switches. Is this device already supported? If not, is there any update or plans when this will be supported for Homey?

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I hope to be able to answer that question this week; I am waiting on feedback from ThermoFloor.


How is it with heatit trm2, is it working with the app or do i need to upgrade to an trm2fx? Is there a recall from manufacturer for the trm2?

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Hi Sejkooz,
I’m planning to add support for the Z-TRM2fx.

Once this version is supported, and with some support out of the community to test it, I will try to make the app / device driver downwards compatible.

For your last question; I would suggest to contact ThermoFloor directly

Hi @TedTolboom ,

Yesterday I recived 3x Z-TRM2fx. Not able to add any of them, ending up as " Unknown Z-Wave device".

This is a Z-wave Pluss device. not shure if it actualy times ut.
It comes to: Setting Default Association groups…
Then i get the message that: no z-wave device found

other times when it takes longer time to excange the security keys, I get this message earlyer (no z-wave device found )
Let me know if you want any more info or testing to be done!