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Heatit ZM single relay

Does anyone know whether the Heatit ZM single relay will be added to the Heatit app suite?

Thanks in advance

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We are currently working on integrating this product in the HeatIt app.
You are already able to control it (on/off) if you add it as just a generic Z-Wave device.

Hi, thx for your answer. Is there any progress to be shared?


Like old days, bumping it :metal: Just bought a few since I though Heatit stuff was already in the current app

Hi, no updates yet. We’ll let you know once it’s added.

I have one 2 can you add it please? @HeatitControlsAB

We will add it as soon as we can but keep in mind they still work in Homey except for the powermetering.

Hi. What is the timeline on this?

I’m trying to create a virtual Thermostat to manage the reply together with a temperature sensor. How do you recommend doing this (VThermo is not picking up the Heatit Relay as a heater currently)?