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Heiman smoke detector remains in alarm mode


Just added two Heiman smoke detectors.
I tested one with real smoke, which worked fine.
But now the alarm mode remains on. (exclamation mark in homey dashboard).

Is there a way to reset the alarm?




I don’t know these smoke detectors but for KAKU door open/close sensors there is an advanced device setting where you can set the time that the alarm should stay on.


The only advanced options are:
group 1
group 2

wake interval enabled
Interval 86400 seconds

device ID 22
manufacturer 608
Product type ID 32770
Product ID 4096
Firmware version
device class (basic)
device class (generic)
device class (specific)

I don’t see where to set the time?
The wakeup interval is set for 24 hours, but the alarm is from 5 days ago…


Hmm ok. That wake interval looks like it is not working correctly, or we misunderstand its purpose.
I think you should contact the developer of the Heiman smoke detector app. He/she may add the extra functionality to it.