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Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

There can be several different reasons for this. Can you please post some screen shots:

  • The Devices - State page from Heimdall
  • The Devices - Settings page from Heimdall
  • A flow that does trigger on movement detected by one of the cameras.

Also, please post the brand of the camera and the App you’re using for it.

@Casper181 were you able to fix it or do you still need support?

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Hi at all.
I used Heimdall also on Homekit with app Homeykit for a long time, but after last Homey firmware upgrade v.5 this not works anymore. I need to have a way to say to Apple home if surveillance is on or off. Are any way to have the same service through Homey Homekit Experimental or with any other app?

I’ve just tested this, for me the mode of the Surveillance device in Homekit changes when I chance the Surveillance Mode in Homey. I guess it’s a configuration issue as both the Homeykit app and Heimdall app haven’t been changed for over 10 months.
The Homeykit app is the only app that reads the Surveillance Mode from Heimdall, Homeys builtin (Experimental) functionality doesn’t support that.

Thanks to reply.
I have just upgrade Homey firmware to v.6 and now seems Homeykit app works properly…
Hope this not will change to worst.
Thanks again.

Here is a Sneak Preview of the new functionality that will be added to Heimdall


I really love your app. To make an alarm system with Homey is really cool.

I’ve a little problem with the alarm delay. I’ve 2 flows that use the trigger of the alarm delay. But sometimes they won’t trigger at all and sometimes only one is working.

The first flow is when alarm delay is active than say it over the Sonos speakers.
The second flow is when the alarm delay is active ask me to deactivate the alarm (a really important flow for me). I’ve here a picture of this flow to make it more clear (It’s in dutch)

Is this the correct way to use it or is there a way to solve my problem?

English Translation of the flow:

IF: Alarm delay is active
AND: Send conformation push notification (do you want to deactivate the alarm?)
THEN: Deactivate the alarm

Hi Arjen,

Could you have a look and see what the log on the Dashboard says.
To make it more readable, please open it on the developer pages and if needed change the css, see: Homey Flow for Web - three Column view [CSS customization] - #2 by DaneedeKruyff

I don’t know why, but I can’t make it more readable to make a screen copy.
But here is a copy paste of the log that day. Don’t see anything strange.

27-04-2021 10:16:49.758 Deels ingeschakeld Alarm Uit knop Alarm is gedeactiveerd.Alarm Uit knop
27-04-2021 10:10:54.498 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm is geactiveerd. Sensor Voordeur: Geopend
27-04-2021 10:10:27.715 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Sensor Voordeur: Geopend, geen alarm trigger omdat er een vertraagde trigger actief is.
27-04-2021 10:09:54.389 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm activatie is uitgesteld: 60 seconden.
27-04-2021 10:09:54.389 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Sensor Voordeur in 1.3 Gang activeerde Alarm.
27-04-2021 09:43:48.518 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Motion Sensor motion: Beweging gedetecteerd
27-04-2021 09:37:40.308 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Motion Sensor motion: Beweging gedetecteerd
27-04-2021 04:44:25.742 Deels ingeschakeld Flowkaart Toezicht mode is gedeeltelijk ingeschakeld.

At 10:09:54:389 I see the front door activating the alarm. After that code checkes if a delay is configured, logs the result and starts the delay. In the same code that logs the delay the flowchart is triggered.

A way to see is the cards fires would be to make a flow (exactly) like this and check the log again:

(Please do disable the other flow that uses that cards as a trigger)

When that doesn’t work the only way to get more information would be to run the app from the CLI (see this how to) and look at the CLI output to get more information.

Here is the output.
I think this is working correctly also with a conformation question.

03-05-2021 13:03:35.230 Deels ingeschakeld Alarm Uit knop Alarm is gedeactiveerd.Alarm Uit knop
03-05-2021 13:03:28.214 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm is geactiveerd. Sensor Achterdeur: Geopend
03-05-2021 13:02:28.777 Deels ingeschakeld Flowcard DELAY Message: Sensor Achterdeur: Geopend
03-05-2021 13:02:28.117 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm activatie is uitgesteld: 60 seconden.
03-05-2021 13:02:28.117 Deels ingeschakeld Heimdall Sensor Achterdeur in 1.1 Woonkamer activeerde Alarm.

Ok, so the problem isn’t in the trigger card from Heimdall but in the rest of the flow. You could try to add the Send text to Heimdall to your original flows to maybe get a better idea of what is going on.
You could als try to add the card Send information to Timeline (Stuur informatie naar Timeline) to be informed, easier than checking the log :wink: , but information to the Timeline can be rate limited by Homey so that’s not 100% reliable.

I’m using paper trails to send after a flow is triggered.
I think what I’m doing wrong is the conformation question. Originally it was send to me and my girlfriend. I think homey doesn’t like that.

Yes, the conformation question can be a real bugger :wink:

Thanks for your help! You’ve made a really nice app!

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New version published.

Version 2.1.0

  • Added User Management

It’s been a bit quiet around Heimdall for a while, but I have great news! In this new version I’ve introduced User Management. Wow, great news, what can I do with it You’ll ask, and the answer is… Well, nothing useful yet!
This new functionality makes it possible to use physical keypads with Heimdall but there are no apps yet for keypads that use this functionality.
Yet that is. I’m currently working on finalising an app that will let you add a full blown Alarm Keypad to your Homey and this will integrate with Heimdall. You’ll need no flows, just create users, configure some settings to your likings and you’re done!

Q: How do I setup my users?
A: Open the Heimdall settings and click on Users. When it’s the first time you open this tab you can create your first users, when you’ve been there before you will need to provide a PIN.

Your first user will always be Administrator and can never be Disabled or Deleted. All other users can be Administrator, and can be Disabled or Deleted.
Each user that is not an Administrator can go into the Users tab and change it’s own PIN but will not be able to change other settings or see other Users.

After saving you will see the Users List and you can create more users by clicking on + Add user.
When you want to edit an existing user, simply click on > next to the users name.

Are you a developer and would like to know how to make an app capable of utilising this functionality or just interested in how this works, have a look at the Heimdall Wiki page on Github.


Thanks, @DaneedeKruyff !
That will be a GREAT addition to Heimdall!
Thanks for spending all this time and effort to these apps and the community here… :+1:t2::smiley:


Would be great if there is a way to create a numpad based on wall-mount tablet…


I’m looking forward to this extra functionality and will buy the hardware for sure. Now I’m using NFC, but the newer and PRO Homey’s don’t have that functionality.

A short question regarding the new user management functionality:
How can a non-administrator change it’s own pin?
My non-administrator’s do not have access to open the Heimdall app configuration.