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New version published

Version 1.0.20

Every sensor tripped during an Alarmstate will trigger this card, it can be used to ‘track’ movement.


Trying to get head round this use case… Can you give an example of how this might be used?


You can use this to be informed where a thief is moving after the alarm has been tripped as per feature request by @tweaqer on github.

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when do you think you will add Firealarm functionallity in Heimdall app? (sorry if i post this questions in wrong discusison/topic)


Hi @Perran83

This is the right spot to ask questions about Heimdall. :+1:

Adding fire alarm functionality to Heimdall has been discussed on the old forum, I am not really sure how I can improve on a flow that responds on smoke/fire sensor and take an action like send messages and sound a sirene.
All functionality that Heimdall offers over building an alarm with regular flows have to do with the fact that Heimdall simplifies the arming with delays, pre-arming check, Partially arming, Full arming etc.
For a fire alarm all these extra’s don’t apply, it just has to function always.

Maybe you can tell me how you’d like to see it integrated? Maybe you can convince me to add it anyway because I’m overlooking something :smiley:


New version published

Version 1.0.21

  • Added support for Vibration sensors

@TedTolboom just released version 0.4.2 of his Xiaomi Aqara ZigBee app with support for the Vibration Sensor.

This sensor can now be used with Heimdall

For more information on the Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee app visit its topic.


Great work and collaboration again @DaneedeKruyff!
Looking forward to seeing the first user experiences…


Me too, I’ve been running it for quite a while now and no false alarms in my testing. Sensitivity on my sensor looks ok to use it with Heimdall, but I have only on sensor to test with.


hi, sorry late reply. Yes you have a point. It was more to having all alarms connected together in one place but any way the user might want to have different flows triggering if its firealarm or burglar alarm.

Maybe it would be better to have the possibility to use Unifi cameras and / or other cameras that can be part of the input triggering sensors as well. But I dont have the knowledge if that would be possible or not. =)


Any camera that sends a message to Homey that results in an alarm_motion trigger in the app for that camera can be used as an input for Heimdall.

Like a Ring

Or Doorbird

for example.

If a camera sends some sort of message to Homey but not with the alarm_motion capability you can ask the app developer to integrate that into the app.

A workaround can be to create a flow that gets triggered by the camera and looks like this:

That way all other actions like logging and activating the alarm flow will be the same.


ok, great. thank you for quick answer. I have not bought cameras yet thats why I ask. =)
good work and great app you have developed=)


The xiaomi aqara human body sensors always fall out. Does anyone have any idea how that is possible. I use this in the Heimdall app. Or is this a Xiaomi problem?


@Ben can you explain what you mean with ‘always fall out’?
Heimdall ‘listens’ in on the alarm_motion reports that are generated by the Xiaomi app when it receives information from a device. Does the sensor report movement at all?

Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)

what I mean by failure is that I currently have two sensors in the room and one in the toilet and one in the garage and one on the landing. The 2 in the room I have no problem with and also not in the toilet. Heimdall recorded everything well except for the one in the garage and overflow. When I have paired it on the landing and garage, everything goes well for a while and heimdall registers everything but after a while nothing is registered by heimdall. I’m going to take out the battery again and again on new pairing everything goes well again and over time I have the same problem again.


Reading that I think you have range/zigbee issues and it’s not something Heimdall has to do with or can fix.


New version published

Version 1.0.22

  • Added Last Door functionality
  • Split Trigger Delay to 2 separate settings, Arming Delay and Alarm Delay
  • Changed Delay range to 0-300 seconds
  • Minor layout changes to settings pages

The Last Door functionality will shorten the arming delay when ‘the last door’ is closed to 10 seconds. You don’t have to do anything special to use it, just make sure the door sensor has Delayed Trigger set to yes in the settings and you would obviously use a delay setting the Surveillance Mode

Make sure the door is closed when you set your desired Surveillance Mode and just leave through the door, opening and closing is will activate the Last Door functionality which lowers the delay to 10 seconds.

Because this functionality was added the Trigger Delay was split into two separate settings: Arming- and Alarm Delay, please set them to your desired value in the range 0-300 seconds.

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Hi Danee,

Si i told one of the sensors worked again for a while and not from the overflow. The last night I see in heimdall that suddenly all the sensors work again but in heimdall it is indicated that the sensors have not sent information in the past 24 hours. You can see that everything works. (See example)

With this I want to thank you for the good app


You’ve stumbled upon a function that will be completed in version 1.0.23. When setting the Surveillance Mode to either armed mode Heimdall will check if sensors have sent an alarm_motion or alarm_contact report in the last 24 hours. If a sensor hasn’t reported it will be written to the history and a flow card will be triggered which you can use to be informed about it.


To have full usage of the sensor communications, it should also log when the did communicate again, otherwise its half a function. I noticed this also in th Hemdall logs and find it usefull information, but then I also want to know when they communicate again.

There are two options, remove this feature or complete it to tell us in the log when sensors did communicate again please. Or create a different and separate monitoring app :wink:

This is monitoring of equipment, if you know that a sensor did not communicate for 24 hours, then you can also see that they communicate again. But you need to remember the state of a sensor ( active (reachable/updating) or not active (non reachable/no updates received) and it should survive a reboot of the app and/or the Homey…


Is there a flowcard to send the warning to a log and/or to notify me with a notification action card?

Is the current warning a real one? Or may be caused by the first installation and a small bug which is mis understood by me and @Ben ?

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