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Is there a flowcard to send the warning to a log and/or to notify me with a notification action card?

Is the current warning a real one? Or may be caused by the first installation and a small bug which is mis understood by me and @Ben ?

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This functionality is added so a user knows the sensor hasn’t reported for 24 hours, this could be because it’s a motion sensor in a room that wasn’t entered for 24 hours or because it’s a battery operated device where the battery depleted.
For the functionality I wrote Heimdall I don’t expect a user to just wait around and check the history over and over again to see if there is communication again but to actively check the sensor why it hasn’t communicated.
Heimdall is not a device monitoring app, I merely added this function because Homeys abilities to do this doesn’t really work reliable, if it does this function reliable in a upcoming firmware it may be removed again from Heimdall


On trying to implement Heimdall
I recently raised a question on the possibility that Heimdall acknowledges the status of doors/windows whether opened/closed
Each door/window status is detected by a switch (an input to a Fibaro generic input sensor)
However each switch cannot be acknowledged since it does not have the “capability alarm_contact” in order to be detected by Heimdall
So as you suggested I have created Virtual devices to account for an “alarm feature”
However no one is detected by Heimdall once giving the definition as the only possible feature available, i.e. “motion detection” which therefore does not work either

I think this depends on the fact that “motion detection” is a transient event while the CONTACT detection is a STATUS EVENT

Do you think is there any possibility to take care of this issue?

in the meantime I have also submitted a question to Arjan in github

to understand whether a VD can be implemented with the “capability alarm_contact”


I think I missed something here but this is absolutely something I want/need, not because of Heimdall (necessarily) but because sometimes my batteries die or connection lost without me realising…

Can you give quick instructions on how I set it up so if any motion sensor has not reported in 24hours I get a notification?


You can build a flow with the trigger “device hasn’t report in 24hr” from the “devices”
It will check all the devices you have connected to homey.
For filtering I think you can use logic in the “AND” and the “name” tag from the trigger.

New version published

Version 1.0.23

  • Check if sensors communicated with Homey in the last 24 hours

On setting a Surveillance Mode the sensors that are selected for the Armed or Partially Armed mode will be checked when they last reported. If there has not been a alarm_motion report or alarm_contact report in the last 24 hours a line will be written to the history:

The new No information received flow card will also be triggered, with the Zone, Device, Last update and Hours card you can create a flow to inform you about sensors that need attention.



(Version 1.0.24 will have improvements on this new function, it will no longer just look at alarm_motion or alarm_contact information but any communication from a sensor)

Unfortunately that function is not really reliable and that’s the reason I added the Communication Check to Heimdall

@stepic7 In order to use the Fibaro Binary Sensors in Heimdall as if they are ‘real’ Door/Window sensors you would need to map them to a Virtual Device that has the alarm_contact capability so it requires support for that in the Virtual Devices app.

Until that support is build you could use them as a trigger in the proposed flow I posted in a previous post

Love the App!
Here’s a suggestion though, the countdown is now spoken every 5 seconds. Due to this it is hard to use a voice command to turn off the alarm. We have to wait till a countdown is spoken, then quickly say the command and then hope it went well.
Would it be an idea to stop announcing the countdown when a user tries to communicate with Homey through voice?

I’d have to look into that. I’m not sure an app can notice when Homey starts listening to a spoken command but think it’s a good idea. Can you create an issue for it on github so I have a reminder and you can track progress?

@stepic7 @Arie_Laxed
I’ve just created a Pull Request on the Virtual Devices app to add support for a Virtual Door/Windows Sensor.

@DaneedeKruyff just wanted to let you know that I’m still very glad to make use of Heimdall .
I recently moved to a new house and set up everything according to the new interior.

Normally we only drop a message when we need to complain or have a question.
This time I just wanted to say thanks again :slight_smile:


:+1: thank you, much appreciated!

New version published

Version 1.0.24

  • Improved sensor communication check
  • Code cleanup

The sensor communication check now checks for the latest communication of any of the capabilities of a sensor.

Hey @DaneedeKruyff

Would there be a possibility of sticking the “No Information Received” card in the And column?

Reason being I’d like to do something like:
When the time is 7.30pm, and No Information Received and Last Update 24hours and device is not xyz, then send an alert

Basically, so I can get the alerts at the same time every day, when I generally have some way of actioning it?

If there is already a way to do this and I’m missing it please let me know!

Hi Andrew,

At this time that’s not possible, it’s only a trigger card. I can see the need of running the function at a certain time but as said earlier I build this function because the standard battery check functionality in Homey isn’t reliable but Heimdall is not ment to be a device monitoring app so I have to think hard on how I would implement your request.
Can you please create an issue for it on github so I have a reminder and you can track progress?

Posted in Github for you :slight_smile:

New version published

Version 1.0.25

  • Removed temporary code

:+1: I’ve made a new action card for it, will be released in version 1.0.26

Amazing! Thank you!