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Hm, too bad. I’ll keep an eye on it and try a new report if it should happen again.


@Krosso, thanks for the log, found the problem.

You have 4 devices that are not ready. If you open the devices.txt you sent me and search for "ready":NULL you can find which are. Resolving that problem is one thing, Heimdall handling that in a decent way is another.

Heimdall has code to wait for a device to become ready, this is to make sure that when your Homey reboots and all apps start Heimdall doesn’t finish enumerating devices before apps that support those devices are fully started.
Unfortunately your devices never reach the ready state so Heimdall never finishes enumerating.

I’ve now made a change in Heimdall where it will wait a maximum of 10 seconds on a device to become ready and then moves to the next one, so 1 faulty device can not prevent Heimdall from starting. When this happens a line is written to the apps log and to the History which can be checked on the Dashboard

This does however creates a problem to be fixed: what if a device becomes ready after it has been skipped by the enumeration process?
I’m not yet sure how I will handle that, I’ve several options for it, but in the mean time I will release the version with the dirty fix to the app store so you can use the app.
(Seeing the number of installs and the number of reports this error is statistically not significant enough to not release this version, < 0.1%)



Thanks for checking this

When do you think the new version is out in app store?


There is 3 remote controlls and 1 media streaming unit that is not ready

I can try to remove these, then it shoul’d work with the present version or?

/Regards Per


No problem.

I really can’t tell you when the new version will be available. Someone at Athom will have to approve it before I can publish it, sometimes that takes an hour, sometimes it takes several days.

Yes, If you remove the devices it should work, disabling the apps that make them available will not work, that can actually be a cause of the enumerating not completing in the current version.

Btw, I’ve created an issue on Github for me as a reminder and for others to be informed about the progress of the definitive fix for the enumerating process: https://github.com/daneedk/com.uc.heimdall/issues/34


Ok, if it is not out before tomorrow, I try removing the not ready devices and do some tests

Thanks again

/Regards Per


New version published

Version 2.0.7

  • Improved device enumeration

This update fixes a problem where a device is not in ready state during the start of Heimdall and never becomes ready.
Now Heimdall will move on to the next device after 10 seconds. This means it will take longer for Heimdall to start and any sensor that becomes available after the app start will not be usable. A fix for the latter will be in the next version. Seeing the number of installs and the number of reports this error is statistically not significant enough to not release this version, < 0.1%

@Krosso, please let me know if this version fixes the problem you are having.


The new version fixed my problem and now heimdall is working for me :slight_smile:
Thanks for fast response!!


I’m glad its working for you now!


Hai Danee,
I have the following problem. In the previous homey version i used a tag reader to arm and disarm Heimdall. Worked perfectly. When i set the alarm state to away I have 15 secs delay. When i Read the tag again during these 15 secs. The alarm state was set to disarm. This worked fine in Homey 1.5 and the previous version of Heimdall. When i do this now the alarm state will be set another time to away and Heimdall start to count the 15 secs. Again. When i want to cancel the change of state i have to wait until the delay is passed and the state is set to away. What am i doing wrong?

Greetz Frans


Hi @Frans_Keeman,

Could you please create an issue at github and include screenshots of your flows and relevant part of the History. There have been no changes to these parts of the code in the rewrite for V2 so I need as much information as possible to troubleshoot this.

(I want to keep the topit a bit cleaner so other users don’t have to read trough every post of a problem and on Github its also easier for me to keep an overview of what to do and for you to keep track of progress.)


Hey daneed,
is Something planned to integrate the devices to Alarm?
Like the Popp Sirene or Vision stuff? Then we can manage everything in one app and dont need flows


Hi @Baschtl,

No, not at this time. Heimdall is device independent because it uses device capabilities such as alarm_motion and alarm_contact which Homey provides. There is no capability available for Sirenes so support for it should be made for every unique device and that’s where device specific apps come in.

Also, different people want to be alerted in different ways when an Alarm is triggered. Some prefer a sirene, others flashing lights, others a push message or an email and other a combination of all. To accommodate that in the most flexible way and without any restrictions it’s best that the user makes his/her own flow with the The alarm is activated card.


OK, get your point and be with you. Thanks for your answer


I made a flow to trigger an alarm.

Get it working with a motion sensor.

Would now like to add multiple contacts (motion sensor + door contacts).

When I press the green button to start the flow it works, get a nice message that there is an alarm and the light goes on.

However, if the Serveillance Mode set to Armed and the motion sensor or door contact is activated, I will receive a message in the Homey app “Motion sensor in Living room triggered Alarm” but i don’t get a push notification or the light will not turn on.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


@J_Pouwels did you follow the instructions from the opening post?

The second flow with the This flow is started will only be started in 2 ways:

  • Press the green button to start the flow
  • Use the action card Start a Flow from another flow.

So it is of no use in this particular case.

If you want a flow started when a motion sensor is tripped while the Surveillance Mode is Armed or Partially Armed you will have to use the The alarm is activated card as per instruction in the opening post. Leave the And… part empty and add the Send a push notification and Turn on card in the Then… part.


is it possible to place a screenshot of this flow?
I am still new with Homey, have it for 2 weeks.


It’s quite simple:

From instructions in the opening post:

From your post:





Thanks for this great app!
I have a question/suggestion about the delay times and their cards.

When I arm the alarm I have Sonos play a sound, same for when I disarm it.
For disarming it is simple, there is a card called “the delay is activated” and when this happens I just let sonos play a file.
However, for the arming this is not as simple. I have to use a card “Time until armed changes” AND the time is 20 sec (in my case) to let sonos play a file. It is weird because both are treated in a different way. (If you do not select the AND condition, SOnos will play the file each second)

Is this perhaps a simpler solution to consider?:
1 card : Delay started, in the AND you can select which delay (time to arm, time to disarm) (in dutch Tijdvertraging naar buiten en tijdvertraging naar binnen) (official alarm terms :wink: )
This makes it simpler for both situations as they are treated the same.

When you need to have the countdown available you can also have 1 card called “delaytime changed” or “tijdvertraging loopt” and have that trigger each second. In the AND you can select which delay you want, or none if any countdown will work.

Hope you know what I mean!
Kind regards,


Is it possible to set 2 alarms with Heimdall on 1 Homey ? E.g.: House Alarm and Garage Alarm?