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@mans @Fire69 Heimdall relies on information from Homey, if there’s a faulty or misaligned sensor that shoudl be fixed at the sensors side, I am not gonna make workarounds for faulty information. This has been discussed before on the old forum and if I remember correctly someone thought out a workaround for it. If I’m not mistakin by letting a sesnor add up a variable and evaluation that at alarm activation.

Only the app, not homey itself

Hi Danee,

In my case the behavior suits the log. Last 7 days no sensors reported in (except one 433mhz) and I could open and close doors without triggering the alarm.

Restarted the heimdall app and the log shows all the sensories again. Also the alarm is now triggered again by opening/closing doors.

Since zwave is working (homey app, flows) and my issue dissapears when I restart heimdall only I tend to believe it’s something in heimdall. Sadly I don’t think its fixable due to 1.5 / 2.0 firmware. I’ve never had it before, only now and a few weeks back.

Good suggestion, I’ll look into that, thanks :slight_smile:

So I think maybe Heimdall has started working for me again - not sure how/why…

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at my setup and I have a question - how do I trigger things when alarm is armed but AFTER the countdown has ended?

At the moment my cameras come on during the arming delay, but what I’d really like is for them to come on after, once we’re all out the house?


New version published

Version 2.0.10

  • Added new flow card: The arming delay is activated

with a tag duration


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In the next version the Devices page will be split in a Status and Settings page.
The Status page will show all devices that have an alarm_contact, alarm_motion or alarm_vibration capability. The Status overview will show battery levels, the last time the device communicated with Homey and the actual status of the device. A device that is not ready will show a warning sign. (The rest of the information is simply not available when a device is not ready)

(@TedTolboom no worries about the warnings on the Xiaomi devices, they work perfectly I disabled the app for this screenshots)


Updated the flows and will see how it works when I come home!
Looking good :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Am I somehow able to use this to answer my question above?

Hi @vaderag

Sorry, I missed some messages here because I was hospitalised some days for unexpected surgery. You mean you want to perform separate actions not related to Heimdall when the Surveillance Mode is actually set after an arming delay?
If so you’d have to use the Surveillance Mode changed card
The tag Surveillance Mode holds the actual mode that it is set to.

(When selecting a new Surveillance Mode with an Arming Delay configured the mode isn’t actually set until the Arming Delay successfully ends)

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Thanks @DaneedeKruyff - will take a look later :slight_smile:
And hope that all is well after your surgery!!

So just to confirm, that should look something like this:

Edit2: Actually, changed the middle card to “is not Disarmed” - else I’ll turn everything off on partial arm too!

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Yes, that looks good.

I have problems getting the correct settings for my delays. I want a general delay when arming set to 300s. And when coming home I just want a delay for my front door and motion sensor in the hallway set to 10s, but not for my other sensors. But when I tick the delay-setting under Devices and leave the house the Last door function overrides my 300s setting and turn the alarm state to Armed after 10s. Is it possible to turn Last door function off or can I make it work in another way?

Hi @rindler,
If you’ve set your Arming Delay to 300, Alarm Delay to 10 and have selected Delay on both the Motion Sensor and Door Sensor in the hallway I think you’ve set it up the right way.
That way you can set your desired Surveillance Mode, have enough time to put your coat on and have enough time to leave the house. You could even realise you left your keys on the coffee table and walk back to get them. Next you leave the house, lock it and know that 10 seconds later the Surveillance Mode is set.
I don’t understand why you want it to be 300 seconds when it’s that dynamic as it is now.
(You could however bypass the Last Door functionality by arming when the door is open, it will only be used when a door is opened and closed during an arming countdown.)

Thanks for your reply! My “problem” is not that I’m not fast enough to leave, but that I forget things. That’s why I need the long delay. Hehe. But sure I could put the alarm on with the door open, but then the sensor check would react? Anyhow I now solved it by using different Heimdall cards.

Hehe, so Heimdall can also train you not to forget things :joy:

But kidding aside, yes the Sensor Check would be triggered. But don’t worry, as soon as that sensor goes to its normal state (door closed) it will just work as expected, the next time it opens it will trigger an Alarm state.

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Is it possible to disable the delayed triggers (in general/or per device) via a flow?

During a normal situation I want to have a 30s delay, but when i’m holiday I want that the alarm goes instantly when triggered. Is there a simple flow that i can built?

Hi @quakerix, this is not something that’s readily available in Heimdall as there is no generic method in Homey which is used for things such as vacation modes.
You have several options however.
First, you could disable the Delay on the sensor in the settings but that is something that can easily forgotten, so I see why you’d want to automate it.
The best option I can think of right now would be to make a flow that gets triggered by the sensor which Delay you want to override and have it evaluate if your Homey is in holiday mode and use the Activate alarm action card. That way when the sensor is tripped and you’re on holiday the alarm is activated immediately.
(I haven’t actually tried that flow, just thought it out and in my mind it should fit your needs)

New version published

Version 2.0.11

  • Split Devices page into status- and settingspage

As announced in an earlier post I’ve split the Devices page into a separate Status and Settings page.

To give you more flexibility in checking your sensors next to the Sensor Status Check you can now see all information on the Status page. The information is (semi*) realtime so if you feel the need to check your sensors you can get your Phone, walk around the house and check the sensors you like and see the result (almost*) immediately.

(* the information on the Status page is refreshed every second)


New version published

Version 2.0.12

  • Updated athom-api (2.1.166)

No functional changes, just an update to the latest athom-api.