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Hi, I’m running V2.
I found out what the problem was.
It had to do with my WIFI extention network (TP link deco m5 mesh).
It creates its own subnet.
I changed the mode to access point and now everything is on the same IP range.
I guess that’s what caused the problem becaue now it all works well!

Edit: heimdall v2 works great! Thanks again!
I’m trying to get the RFID reader running in combinatie with Heimdall.


Ok, great you found it!


Unfortunately a fix for the bug I found in RC9 while rewriting Heimdall which I was waiting for wasn’t included in RC10 or the now released RC11.
I do want to make a first version of Heimdall available to you so I made a temporary workaround for the bug.

So, if you feel comfortable running an app from the cli head over to Heimdall Alpha-V2 on Github and grab your copy.

If you find a bug, Please report it on Github so I have a good overview and you can keep track of progress.
Any comments/suggestions on the UI/UX can also be posted there.


Is there an option to select, from the Xiaomi vibration sensor, the tilt alarm instead of vibration alarm in Heimdall?


No, at this moment only the vibration alarm from the Xiaomi Vibration Sensor is used.
When I wrote the support for the device in Heimdall I extensively tested the device and found out that whatever I did with it, tilt it, drop it the vibration alarm would always be triggered. I take it from your question you are able to tilt it without also triggering the vibration alarm?
I can look into also adding the tilt alarm, but that will probably be after the rewrite to V2 is done.


When the wind blows hard on the roof window it triggers the vibration alarm along with the sirene :slight_smile:

I only want the alarm go off when the roof window is opened.


At this time there’s no separation between capabilities, if one device has multiple capabilities, except for tamper alarm. So I’m not sure how to implement it, If you want to trigger on when a roofwindow is opened or closed I think a contact sensor (like a door/window sensor) would fit better.


Now that RC12 is released I’ve removed the temporary workaround and uploaded the new code to the Heimdall Alpha-V2 branche.

If you find a bug, Please report it on Github so I have a good overview and you can keep track of progress.
Any comments/suggestions on the UI/UX can also be posted there.


Contact sensor is not possible because they are mostly open… I created seperate flows for the tilt as a work around.



Great work! I’m testing the alpha v2 and very pleased. One minor thing is the “X sensor has not reported in 24 hours…” on the timeline in the V2 app. It does not really add a whole lot of value as most of my windows are not opened every day hence the contact sensors do not report. Or am I missing something? It would be nice to be able to toggle these notifications though.


Thanks, the communication check is indeed something I have to look at, it is on my todo list. It may be removed if Homeys build in flowcards for battery reports/alarms turn out to be reliable in V2, or I may remove it from arming and give it its own flowcard, not sure yet.
I’m also gonna include settings for the notifications, that’s currently work in progress.


Checking that the sensors are alive is a great feature, I would be very happy if you keep it somehow.


Communication check is still there, but writing it to the Timeline is configurable now:

@SoerenSteen You can make a distinction between (all) Motion- and (all) Contact sensors, I think that will fit your needs.


Boom! Great work Danee. Very impressed by your dedication to making a great app. Much appreciated



interesting to see all effort on this app. I have a lot of Homey stuff up and running, but to be able to use this as a home alarm, I need some more “WAF” friendly disable / enable solution (keypad on a dashboard etc) at the door. The family will never be able to use it otherwise… Any ideas how to solve it? To just have the “disarmed” switch on a dashboard at the entrance seems somewhat unsecured…



I rely on presence detection and it works quite well for my wife and I. Have used Life360 in combination with IFTTT for a while but are now testing the build-in presence detection in the V2 app


The commercial solution is a keypad, like the one from Popp (use the beta app).
But before I had the keypad, I created a flow (one for every household member):

  • IF: alarm delay is triggered
  • WHEN: Send push-confirmation to mobile device
  • WHEN: Surveillance-mode is not inactive (multiple people receive the confirmation question, only want to action on the first)
  • THEN: Set surveillance mode to deactivated

Note: don’t use the ELSE for a second member. Homey waits until the first WHEN has responded.

Every household member does need to have their device registered, but from there, it’s an easy swipe down from the notification bar and press yes or no).


I’m waiting for a Xiaomi Wireless Switch. Was going to use it as a doorbell-button, but changed my mind.
I’m going to put it in the hallway now, somewhere out of sight.
When leaving, single-click -> arm alarm
When entering, double-click -> disable alarm

Simple and relatively safe I think. Burglar isn’t going to start clicking buttons when breaking in…


I’ve added a new flow action card so you can send information to the Timeline

Emile told on Slack a next firmware version will have such a flow card built-in until then you can use this card.


Is ti possible to create a virtual keypad device within Heimdall? Then within settings of Heimdall app you can add different users and their respective codes. Or does Homey software not allow the creation of such a device?