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Hey @DaneedeKruyff,
I have „pre-arming check“ activated and now I have from time to time messages from heimdall when activating that some doors or windows are open but they aren‘t. I checked the sensors. They are working well. Batteries are ok. So it is a false error?

Do you have a idea what causes these messages?


Thanks @Baschtl, In the log I see a lot of reporting off the Flur Motion, HWR_Motion and Klo Motion sensors, but no reporting from others. I also see the addition of a contact sensor Door sensor several times from 11:27 to 11:36, is that correct?

Could you set Full or Partial on any of the 3 motion sensors mentioned above and test again?
Could you stop and start Heimdall wait a minute and then send another Diagnostics Report?


Hi @PhilS, when the Pre-arming check is run Heimdall cycles through all devices and checks their state. If a sensor is included in the particular Surveillance Mode that is set and the sensor state is true a message is sent.
When this happens the next time, can you please go to More - Apps in the Homey app and select Heimdall . Then click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner, click on Create Diagnostics Report and inform me so I can have a look at it.


Ok, i will :grinning:


Hey @DaneedeKruyff I have created a nee Report after the restart.
The Motion Sensors you mentioned are drin fibaro.
I tried Hue Motion and neeo door Sensors.
Perhaps thus helps?

With the 3 sensors mentioned from you it worked


Thanks for reporting back.
I have not received a new Diagnostic Report, the previous one also contained an error and I guess it will only send when there is an error because it was called a Crash report in the actual email.
Apart from that I’m glad it works for the other sensors, this indicates to me that Heimdall itself is functioning but has some sort of problem with the sensors you have.

Let’s first look at the Hue motion sensor. How have you added this sensor, is it connected through the Hue bridge or is it directly connected to Homey? If it’s connected through the Hue bridge you have to take into account that there is no realtime reporting from the sensor towards Homey, the Hue app on Homey polls the bridge on an interval and I’m not sure how this information comes in.
I don’t have such a sensor myself so I can’t actually test it, I would like to see the logging from Heimdall when run from the CLI, I hope someone with such a sensor and the ability to run it from the CLI can help out here.

Regarding the door sensors, just to be sure: can you try any of the other door sensors you have to see if any of those function? I expect these sensors to be compatible, Heimdall listens in on alarm_contact messages from any contact sensor and I can’t imagine the Neo sensors are handled differently in Homey.


You are right. I have added a neo doorsensor in the app and restartet the app. Now it works.
If you have some time we can write in the slack channel and I can to the debugging. Bibabutzi is my name there.
Yeah the sensor is paired with the hue bridge. For me it is not important. it was only a try. I don’t want to use it with heimdall. But we can debug it if it helps you. I have time :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast replies.

Edit: Now the motion sensor is working too. So everything fine. Perhaps the restart do not know.


Good to read you got it working!
The device lifecycle has dramatically changed on 2.0 and sometimes devices are simply not ready when they are enumerated and thus can’t be correctly added to Heimdall. There’s already code in the app that waits for device to become ready, guess I’ll have to take a good look at it.


Hey @DaneedeKruyff,

Last night I had again messages that some this time others sensors (door/window) would be open which weren’t.

Diagnostic report : abc21351-a8a0-4bd3-98b3-9aa0031ba69e

One neo door/window sensor and one Fibaro door/window sensor.

Strange that this time it there were different devices than one night before.

It is when arming at 0PM so i am sleeping sometimes and do not recognize it. :wink:


Hi @PhilS,

I haven’t received the Diagnostic Report unfortunately, I’ve made a support request at Athom to ask if they can see where the report went. I’'ll let you know if there is any progress.


Heimdall works great and I simply love how it behaves!

I do have a small hink or problem though, whenever my Homey is Armed or Partially Armed, the door/windows sensors from Aqara and motion sensor from Aeotec, senses and gives correct feedback to Heimdall. I’ve set up a flow that sends a push notice to my phone whenever there is an alarm. But the motion sensors from Aqara doesn’t send any push notice to my phone?

Heimdall actually registers that there in fact is motion in it’s log and also alerts Homey’s voice command. But no push is sent to my phone.

Is it the way the Aqara sensors lack parameters that the push doesn’t work or something else entirely. The parameters for the Aeotec Multisensor 6 for instance have many options regards to alarm and timeouts. Aqara lacks these settings, but motion and alarm does react.

Any ideas @DaneedeKruyff?


Or did i something wrong? More…apps…heimdall… create diagnostic report… send you the number.


No thats the correct method, Don’t know why I haven’t received it.


Thanks @SpaceCosmos,

Could it be the Alarm state is already active? Only the first tripped sensor will active the The alarm is activated card
And it doesn’t matter for Heimdall what brand or type of sensor you use, it’s the specific capability alarm_motion that’s acted upon.


Continuing the discussion from Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home:

hello all my flows disappeared then i get homey 2,0
and now i doesnt remember how i fix new one can you post to me


Hi @Lars_Jigered,

I don’t know what flows you exactly made, You posted earlier you found the solution but not the actual solution. Maybe it’s best if you start reading here Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home and try to remember how you fixed it.


New version published

Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed translations

Changed some translations for the settings pages so they fit better.


No, that’s the thing, it’s not active before Arming and it does react to alarm_motion apparently. (Since it appears in the log.)

So it’s just this Aqara sensors which makes no sense as you point out as well. Hmm…


Tiny bug in the timeline. It says that the alarm was triggered by a certain motion sensor even though that sensor has a delayed trigger and actually disarms the alarm rather than triggering it.


Could you try stopping and starting Heimdall. There has been a major change in a devices lifecycle in the firmware change from 1.5.x to 2.0, I added some code to deal with that but found it may no cover all situations. I’ve submitted a new version for approval to the app store that should fix it. A work around for now would be to stop and start Heimdall