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There is no stable homey v2.0.2. Only the phone app 2.0.2 is GA;

In the flow that does the following; “Except from actually sending push and sounding the siren when it detects movements.” if you add a random action like show ledring or write to log in that flow, does that work?


Sorry, forgot to clarify. I edited my text above as well. I’m using Stable App v2.0.2 and Experimental Homey v2.0.2 as of now.


I see. In that case forget my thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi @GvanDongen,

Unfortunately you can not. Its something several community developers have asked Athom to make available to them, but until now it has only be recognised as a suggestion that will be considered You can help out convincing Athom to add this by asking them to implement this here.


It helped, please see the PM I send you.


Thanks, I will have a look at it.


Oké that is strange bocouse i can see nu the Philips hue the collor of the lamp. Than it could be done?

I will place a request as well at athom.

Gerben van Dongen​


Yeah. Figured it out. Thanks. Awesome sh*t this app. Hopefully Homey will support German soon.


Yes, that’s exactly the point. The app is capabel of showing info in the upper right corner of device tiles but community developers have no access to it, hence the request.


Hope so too, Someone at Athom just has to flip the switch, Heimdall is ready for it!


New version published

Version 2.0.6

  • Settings tabs automatically adjust to screenwidth

@Fire69 can you please let me know if this fixes the problem with the width of the tabs on your phone?


Yep, it sure does! It’s perfect now :slight_smile:


Is there still a way of installing the 1.5-compatible version? I don’t want to upgrade to Homey V2 yet, but I just uninstalled Heimdall because it couldn’t get out of permanent alarm-state anymore, hoping a reinstall would fix that, but I can only install the V2 version now :frowning:


Unfortunately Athom has not made it possible to have separate versions for 1.5.13 and 2.0 in the App Store. The only way to install Heimdall is by downloading the Homey V1 Compatible version from Github and manually install it as described in the [How To] CLI Install method post.


Have doing tests all weekend till make Heimdall to work with my xiaomi door/window and motion sensors. I armed, I see in the log it is armed , but when open a door/window does not trigger the alarm and nothing in the log. The only thing that is reported is that most of the sensors has not reported in 24 hours. The sensors works fine in other flows. I have tried uninstall/install the app and reboot of homey with no luck.

I attach the device and settings screens. What is my problem and how to solve it?


Hi @Krosso,

From those screenshots alone I can not tell you what the problem is and how to solve it. I guess something goes wrong on enumerating your sensors but I will need a Diagnostics Report to be sure.
Can you please restart Heimdall and after a minute or 2 go to More - Apps in the Homey app and select Heimdall. Then click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner, click on Create Diagnostics Report and inform me so I can have a look at it.

(Can you also please tell me what brand and type the first sensor is? There’s something wrong with the icon causing the deformation of the user interface.)


Ok, have created diag. Code is5e8589cb-578d-4ff5-8039-da970a4f063f
And the sensor is a z-wave PST02 from philio


Thanks, unfortunately the log doesn’t show the enumeration because the Diagnostics Report was created before it. Could you send a new one and this time wait until Heimdall is completely started? You can check this in the Apps section of the Homey App.


ok, one more try :slight_smile:
Restarted homey to be sure
code 6b600532-fa2f-4870-aaa9-54e340613523


No, sorry, still an almost empty log. By rebooting you forced all apps to restart, Heimdall will (have to) wait for all apps to be completely started and have all devices in a ready state before it can enumerate the devices.
Unfortunately there is no event emitted when a device becomes ready so a device has to be polled regularly to get its state which can take a while when you have a lot of devices.
Can you please disable the apps for your devices but one and then try it again? If this works, enable another app an try again etc.