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Hai Danee,
I have the following problem. In the previous homey version i used a tag reader to arm and disarm Heimdall. Worked perfectly. When i set the alarm state to away I have 15 secs delay. When i Read the tag again during these 15 secs. The alarm state was set to disarm. This worked fine in Homey 1.5 and the previous version of Heimdall. When i do this now the alarm state will be set another time to away and Heimdall start to count the 15 secs. Again. When i want to cancel the change of state i have to wait until the delay is passed and the state is set to away. What am i doing wrong?

Greetz Frans


Hi @Frans_Keeman,

Could you please create an issue at github and include screenshots of your flows and relevant part of the History. There have been no changes to these parts of the code in the rewrite for V2 so I need as much information as possible to troubleshoot this.

(I want to keep the topit a bit cleaner so other users don’t have to read trough every post of a problem and on Github its also easier for me to keep an overview of what to do and for you to keep track of progress.)


Hey daneed,
is Something planned to integrate the devices to Alarm?
Like the Popp Sirene or Vision stuff? Then we can manage everything in one app and dont need flows


Hi @Baschtl,

No, not at this time. Heimdall is device independent because it uses device capabilities such as alarm_motion and alarm_contact which Homey provides. There is no capability available for Sirenes so support for it should be made for every unique device and that’s where device specific apps come in.

Also, different people want to be alerted in different ways when an Alarm is triggered. Some prefer a sirene, others flashing lights, others a push message or an email and other a combination of all. To accommodate that in the most flexible way and without any restrictions it’s best that the user makes his/her own flow with the The alarm is activated card.


OK, get your point and be with you. Thanks for your answer


I made a flow to trigger an alarm.

Get it working with a motion sensor.

Would now like to add multiple contacts (motion sensor + door contacts).

When I press the green button to start the flow it works, get a nice message that there is an alarm and the light goes on.

However, if the Serveillance Mode set to Armed and the motion sensor or door contact is activated, I will receive a message in the Homey app “Motion sensor in Living room triggered Alarm” but i don’t get a push notification or the light will not turn on.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


@J_Pouwels did you follow the instructions from the opening post?

The second flow with the This flow is started will only be started in 2 ways:

  • Press the green button to start the flow
  • Use the action card Start a Flow from another flow.

So it is of no use in this particular case.

If you want a flow started when a motion sensor is tripped while the Surveillance Mode is Armed or Partially Armed you will have to use the The alarm is activated card as per instruction in the opening post. Leave the And… part empty and add the Send a push notification and Turn on card in the Then… part.


is it possible to place a screenshot of this flow?
I am still new with Homey, have it for 2 weeks.


It’s quite simple:

From instructions in the opening post:

From your post:





Thanks for this great app!
I have a question/suggestion about the delay times and their cards.

When I arm the alarm I have Sonos play a sound, same for when I disarm it.
For disarming it is simple, there is a card called “the delay is activated” and when this happens I just let sonos play a file.
However, for the arming this is not as simple. I have to use a card “Time until armed changes” AND the time is 20 sec (in my case) to let sonos play a file. It is weird because both are treated in a different way. (If you do not select the AND condition, SOnos will play the file each second)

Is this perhaps a simpler solution to consider?:
1 card : Delay started, in the AND you can select which delay (time to arm, time to disarm) (in dutch Tijdvertraging naar buiten en tijdvertraging naar binnen) (official alarm terms :wink: )
This makes it simpler for both situations as they are treated the same.

When you need to have the countdown available you can also have 1 card called “delaytime changed” or “tijdvertraging loopt” and have that trigger each second. In the AND you can select which delay you want, or none if any countdown will work.

Hope you know what I mean!
Kind regards,


Is it possible to set 2 alarms with Heimdall on 1 Homey ? E.g.: House Alarm and Garage Alarm?


No, there is no support (yet) for partitions (Blokken)
There is only full and partial set, usually used for setting when home (sleeping) or away.


I’ve noticed an issue lately where the countdown doesnt vocalise… i recon this timed since roughly the time that v2 was released, but i have not updated to v2.

So the countdown will be going, but no audio from Homey… disabling works as expected and I get the “alarm disabled” audio

Any ideas?


Hi @Willybits,

How do you set the Surveillance Mode? I ask this because I think you’re overcomplicating things.
If the Surveillance Mode is set using a flow (and you’re using an Arming Delay) you already have the moment the Arming Delay starts, the said flow.
If you (or a family member) is using the Surveillance Mode Switch I can’t imagine it is being used without informing another family member when you’re leaving the house
altogether. Or do you want to have the Sonos play a sound because either you or a family member does not inform another?

I understand your proposed solution but it’s not gonna work as specific situations will have specific tags and those are not dynamic. And while this makes sense to you I can imagine it would be way simpler for a lot of people to have specific cards for specific situations without the need for extra logic in the form of evaluating a condition card.

But thanks for your input, I appreciate it a lot especially because of your professional background.
Let me know if you want a The arming delay is activated card it wouldn’t be to much trouble to add it.


@J_Pouwels like @Willybits says, there is no support for partitions, but you could select Partially Armed and Armed on all sensors for the garage and other sensors only on Alarm.

That way to just ‘secure’ the Garage you can use the Partially Armed Surveillance Mode and when you want to ‘secure’ everything you set it to Armed

Having multiple partitions is something I’m still considering.


What is the Heimdall version you are using?
And just to be sure, which countdown is that, the Arming- or the Alarm countdown?
Have you tried disabling and enabling the speech setting?


I use a flow to arm the system.
The reason I do not want to use this flow to also say the alarm is being set is because its an alarm system and I want the alarm system to tell me that the alarm is being set, and not the device that is telling the alarm to turn on. Because, if for some reason Heimdall is not arming I have a false notification of the alarm being set.

I feel it’s like checking to see if the lighbulb is on by looking at the state of the switch. What is the bulb is broken? You just cannot be sure if it looking solely at the trigger.
(Perhaps I am overthinking it ofcourse :slight_smile: But I think It’s a valid concern)


It’s set to automatically update so should be the latest version.
I’ll try the switch and see what happens. FYI it’s only the Alarm countdown (that i’ve noticed)


Ok, that makes it a bit clearer, I can add the card.
But it will come with a disclaimer: That card will only tell you when the Arming Delay starts, it’s no guaranty the Surveillance Mode is actually set to the desired state.

To check that you would have to use the Surveillance Mode changed (Toezicht modus is gewijzigd) card, that one is triggered after the Surveillance Mode is succesfully set.