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Hi Danee,

I think it makes all sense now with your explanation.

The confusion came from the Dutch translation. In Dutch the surveillance mode is not armed but “geactiveerd” and the alarm state will not be activated but “geactiveerd” as well.

This combined with a button that didn’t seem to do much at the first sight made me confused, but I think it is resolved now. I will tweak my flows tonight and then from tomorrow Homey can watch my home :slight_smile:



Here some screenshot to show what I mean:

I was thinking the flow card shown in the 2nd screenshot was the status of the modus (armed / de-armed) shown in the left, but it actually means “a sensor has been tripped while surveillance modus is on”.



Hi Koen,

I see what you mean. Never realised that (I use English on my own Homey) I’ll see if I can think of different translations so there will be a clearer distinction between the Surveillance Mode and the Alarm state



Maybe use “ingeschakeld” & “uitgeschakeld” for the arming modus? And keep “geactiveerd” for the tripping of the alarm? Or even call that one “alarm gaat af” & “alarm is gereset”?

And does the homey app support translation of the instructions? Maybe that might help as well?





The instructions should be in Dutch, aren’t they?



Yes they are, my bad… I was pretty sure I saw them in English, maybe I was mistaken with the opening post of this topic?:zipper_mouth_face:

In that case, the confusion still remained with the Dutch instructions :stuck_out_tongue:




I’m working on the Dutch translation to take away the confusion, it’s next in line after an update to get an indicator showing the Alarm State on the Surveillance Mode Switch and the Alarm Off Button.



Sounds good!



Nice one @DaneedeKruyff, showing the alarm state on the switch button. If you get this done might other app builders be able to show states of movement sensors, temp sensors etc. on the switches in the main view? Or is this prohibited by the sensor type/capability?



That depends on the type of information to be shown.
I asked Emile to revisit the request to enable community developers to show a value or indicator on a device tile (https://github.com/athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues/issues/17) and he advised me to use the alarm_generic capability for this particular use case. That does indeed whats needed, it shows an indicator on the device tile, so that’s something that is possible right now.
The indicator is as is, no customisation possible (color or icon), and there is no way (yet?) to show temperature information and such however.



New version published

Version 2.0.13

  • Added Alarm indicator to Alarm Off Button
  • Added Alarm indicator to Surveillance Mode Switch

I’m very happy to announce that this new version enables the Alarm State Indicator on both the Alarm Off Button and the Surveillance Mode Switch

To make use of this new functionality you will have to remove and re-add the Alarm Off Button and Surveillance Mode Switch

Unfortunately is it still not possible for Community Developers to customise what is shown as an indicator on a device tile so it’s not possible to change the icon or color.



Great news! Would it be possible to have a card (or maybe another solution) like ‘When surveillance switch is pressed’? Then I could turn off an active alarm with a short click and change surveillance mode with long click on the same device/button, since both of them now show an active alarm? Would save some space among those favourite devices on the homescreen.



Better yet, I’ll look if it is possible now to add the capability the Alarm Off Button uses to the Surveillance Mode Switch without it interfering with it’s own function. (Tried this on V1.5 but that didn’t really work out as I wanted.)



New version published

Version 2.0.14

  • Improved dutch translations

In this version the Dutch descriptions for the different Surveillance Modes are changed from Geactiveerd, Gedeactiveerd and Deels geactiveerd to Ingeschakeld, Uitgeschakeld and Deels ingeschakeld to have a better distinction from the Alarm State because the old description was confusing.




Very nice, think this might prevent some confusion for other Dutch users



Only the Dutch alarm button shows “schakel uit” as well. This should be “deactiveer” I think? In the flowcards everything seems correct after this update.



Good find, thanks. Will change it.

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Heimdall upgraded, Now I don’t get an “Alarm Uit” anymore!
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?



Hi @J_Pouwels, the latest update has only been an change in translations, no functional changes.
I don’t understand how you use Heimdall, I see you have a virtual switch (Alarm Huis) and from the looks of it you use that to trigger the alarm (Activeer Alarm)
It’s very important to understand that there is a Surveillance Mode and an Alarm state, if I understand your flows you are actually activating the Alarm State and not setting a Surveillance Mode

Please read the opening post and follow the instructions step by step, you don’t need any virtual devices to set a Surveillance Mode or Alarm state. And if you set the Surveillance Mode you also don’t need to start the Sensor Check (Controleer de status van alle sensoren) this is done automatically when using the Surveillance Mode.

(Btw, in your first flow any change of the Alarm Huis device will activate the alarm, you don’t evaluate a value (waarde) as you do in the second flow, so even if you intend to only run the second flow, the first flow will also run)



I want to use this with a virtual button because I can then turn the alarm on or off with only 1 button.