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Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

Can you post a screenshot of your flows?

New version published

Version 2.0.23

  • Added condition flowcard to check if a device is part of the Partial Surveillance Mode
  • Added action flowcard to add a device to the Partial Surveillance Mode
  • Added action flowcard to remove a device from the Partial Surveillance Mode
  • Added condition flowcard to check if a device is part of the Full Surveillance Mode
  • Added action flowcard to add a device to the Full Surveillance Mode
  • Added action flowcard to remove a device from the Full Surveillance Mode

This update is the last phase of bringing dynamic configuration of device settings to Heimdall

You can use the new condition cards to check if a device is part of a Surveillance Mode

And if you want to add a device to the Partial- or Full Surveillance Mode you can use any of the new action cards below

to remove a device from the Partial- and Full Surveillance Mode you can use any of these action cards


oi joi jooi, I need to take free days off to flow everything :smiley:

Thank you!

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Hi Danee,
one small fix for the german translation…

It should be “geändert”

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Hi Ronny,

Thanks for reporting but everywhere in Heimdall it is spelled as geändert
Can you tell me where you see this?

That is a screenshot from the android notifcation area.

In the HomeyApp it is displayed with first part in english and last part (the state) in german.

I’m not familiar with Android, I have no idea where that text is coming from, are you sure you don’t have a flow that generates that notification?

I recognise the part in the timeline of the Homey app, that part isn’t localised yet, thanks for pointing that out!

:scream: I’m so stupid…you are right! It was a flow. :flushed:
I created and deleted several flows for tests. I didn’t see the flow because it was not in the right section.
Sorry for the confusion.
…and I checked the flows more than once…

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No problem, happens to the best, glad I could be of help figuring it out.

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And i thought for a Second u had a mistake in my translation. :joy:

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Seeing the latest update to Heimdall you may wonder; What can I do with the dynamic configuration of device settings? Why have I’ve added a lot of flow cards in these last three update with which you can change the settings of your devices?
I will explain that in this post.

Heimdall is built on top of capabilities that your Homey provides and for the Surveillance Mode that gives you 3 separate options. The first one is Disarmed, the second Fully Armed and as an in between option the Partially Armed option.

Some Heimdall users have asked in the past if it was possible to add more Surveillance Modes, and while it is obviously technically possible it’s not the way I wanted to go because I want to stay as close as possible to Homeys builtin capabilities.

Now, Imagine you have 3 different zones in your house where you want to use Heimdall but you want to be able to independently Arm and Disarm these different zones. In this example I’ve named these zones Home, Office and Studio. For this example I’ve created Virtual Mode Devices to represent these zones

and created some flows that use these devices.
The first one to Arm and Disarm the Home zone

the second one to Arm and Disarm the Office zone

and the last one to Arm and Disarm the Studio zone.

These flows add and remove the devices in a particular zone to/from the Partially Armed Surveillance Mode so it’s very important you make sure the Surveillance Mode is set to Partially Armed and stays there!

Now you can easily Arm and Disarm the different zones in your house by clicking on the previously created devices!

When everybody left the house, you’re at the Office and the Studio is not occupied, switch it like this:

When work is done and you’re back Home, switch it like this:

You Airbnbed your Studio? Switch like this:

Any questions or remarks, just post them here.


Nice @DaneedeKruyff!

Hi DaneedeKruyff, first of all, thank you very much for your excellent work on this application.
I would like to point out another translation problem in the French version: translating “CONNECTION” into French of the term “LOGGING” is completely false and does not mean “LOGGING” at all. We are not talking about logging into a website here (se connecter à un site Internet). It took me a long time to understand this parameter, before I realized that the title was completely wrong. The correct translation in French is “JOURNALISATION” in this case. Thank you very much for the correction!

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Thanks @PhilS

@Picsou621 Thanks for reporting, it will be changed in the next release. Please let me know when you find any other texts that can be improved!

(Please remember that the people helping me with the translations may not have seen the context in which certain texts are used so give them some slack.)


You are right DaneedeKruyff, I know that both you and the translators certainly work almost for free.
I have tried to mention here as many corrections in French as possible for the parameters. Regarding capitalization, I propose to choose between capitalization everywhere or lowercase everywhere, but not to mix the two. Thank you very much :slight_smile:
(please enlarge the picture to see all corrections)

Thanks! The changes will be available in the next version.

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Great, thank you very much for the follow-up and professionalism!

New version published:

Version 2.0.35

  • Added Swedish language
  • Added Norwegian language
  • Localised notification on Surveillance Mode change
  • Fixed some French translations

Tack @johan_bendz, Takk @eval, Danke @RonnyW, Merci @Picsou621


Don’t know since when but in the Dashboard view there is shown logging even though the surveillance mode is Disarmed and the slide to only log when the surveillance mode is active is ticked in the settings. What am I doing wrong?

Heimdall notifications seem to be unclear now. See screenshot. It says disarmed is activated or armed is activated. (at least) In the Dutch translation that seems a bit odd. Just the term armed or disarmed would be enough. See below

The last term “ingeschakeld” wasn’t there in the past, untill recently.

Or did I make a setting which I shouldn’t have?

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