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The first one who comes home turns the alarm off?

Thanks for superfast reply. Mainly using the surveillance switch method, but I’ll try the virtual button method. To bad we have quite some users :rofl:

Maybe the biggest problem/wish is with Homey: To be able tagging when a user does something/anything.

Thanks for reply - great app youve made - and impressive support !!

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The reason I would like to send notification about who is turning alarm off, is to be sure that no one is turning it off with a mistake if we get a real burglar entering… So when we are away at holiday, and alarms turn off - nice to also know if f.ex family was turning alarm off with their app… Who turned it off, and using what device… Just that alarm is turned off does not tell me much when away… Many users in this home…

and how is your alarm turned off?

you can make flows like this.

WHEN someone comes home.
THEN Send notification Tag Name is at home

Nice suggestion !! For turning alarm on/off we mostly use app and surveillance mode switch, but I also have a «stupid» rfid keypad with Fibaro Smart Implant…

So I will try both suggested solutions:

  1. Make an virtual alarm off/on button for each user, which then can send notification about who has changed alarm state.

  2. Make a flow WHEN someone comes home THEN send notification «user» is home
    (and for this I will use phone connected to wifi recognition)

Thanks guys ! I have some more ideas to get through this maze!

Hi all!

I’m not getting Heimdall functional while missing the ‘set surveillance mode’ in my flow settings. Unpossible to add in the ‘than’ section. Or am I missing something?


Did you add the Surveillance Mode Switch?

The Set Surveillance Mode flow card is available on the Surveillance Mode Switch

That’s not right. If you ad the „Suveillance Mode Button“, as @DaneedeKruyff wrote, you are able to select “Surveillance -> Set Surveillance Mode -> Enabled / Disabled / Partially Enabled” in the “Then” card.

Your screenshot is not from the “Then” card.

Ahh f@#€k, sorry. Looking in the Heimdall options, not the switch. Looking to long at it and never saw that option :see_no_evil:

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Hi, my Heimdall app works great, but since today I have an issue with the talking of Homey.

When I set to armed, Homey told me when a windows was opened. Since today he doesn’t anymore.

I think it’s that option here:

It’s activated, but doesn’t work. What can I do?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi Tom, some things to check:

  • Are any of the other texts spoken?
  • Is the contactsensor you expect the text to be spoken for included in the Surveillance Mode you are switching to?
  • Is there a line written to the log when the window/door is opened while setting the Surveillance Mode?
  • Does the sensor actually register opening and closing?

Hi Danee!

Thanks for the support!
It works again. Homey said the open Sensors after the countdown. Somehow the following option changed. Now I set it back to activated, so it works…

Sorry, was my fault!

Great! Thanks for letting me know.

I’ve started to implement Heimdall at home as an alarm, and I was thinking about what to do when/if the alarm is triggered.

One thing I’d like to do is disable the lights in the house (controlled by a number of Fibaro Dimmer 2), so that the thieves can’t turn on the lights in the house.
But I can’t figure out how to do that.

Does anyone have any idea how it can be done?

No, its not possible to disable them if you have also local control of fibaro devices. What you can do, is to build a flow that will turn them off immediately if they are switched on only when the alarm will be triggered.

Guess only possible if you let all Switches transmit to Homey and switch all Lights from a flow. If Switch1 On - AND Not-Armed Then Switch Bulp1 On.

Or disable all the Flows that switch when Armed and enable when un-armed, but that is probably more work.

Guess I would choose to enable all Lights on when Armed and Alarm to let them leave as soon as possible. :wink:

Interesting choice. When the alarm triggers I turn on all lights inside and outside the house to a bright red color, open up the curtains and sound the sirens. This way thieves are in a true spotlight and definitely do not want to stick around. There is a reason why thieves try to break in into houses with poor lighting, if anything you’d make it more inviting for them to continue doing business…

@Hannes85 (and others :wink: ) Did you know there is an app now, Zone Memory created by @Shakesbeard , that you can use to easily save the state of lights and retrieve it to recreate that state with one flowcard:

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Interesting, need to think of some use cases but here I use a HUE scene that turns the lights with appropriate colors.

A new version has been published*.

Version 2.0.39

  • Updated Athom API to 3.1.20
  • Code cleanup

No functional changes, just keeping up-to-date with Athom.

*This update was published earlier, I no longer have control over when a new version is actually published unfortunately so announcing it is not in sync anymore