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Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home



Normally you would either set the Surveillance Mode to Disarmed or just click on the Alarm Button to turn it off. I’ve just checked myself but something changed in either Homeykit (The Homey app) or Homekit (from Apple itself) because for me the Surveillance Mode Switch now shows up as an On/Off switch and no longer as a switch to set the desired mode.
Can you check how your Surveillance Mode Switch operates and share a screenshot?


What does the settings page do? Does it show anything?
Can you open the console in your browser before opening the settings page, open it and see if anything is written to the console (and if so, post it here)


Strange, I normally use the Homey 1.0.1 app. By following your command I opened my Homey in Chrome and searched for a console function (which I did not find). But the app loads in Chrome, no problem. But not in Homey dedicated app. Is this a know issue?


In general, don’t use the app just use Chrome and ignore the warning about webbrowsers not suppored.
If you search on the forum you’ll find numerous posts about problems with the app, not just with Heimdall


Thanks, wasn’t aware of that


Is there a way to use a tag to log who, or from what device, changed the status?


I have no idea if this is possible, I’ll have to look into that.
Could you please make an issue here as a reminder for me and to track progress for yourself?



First of, thanks a lot for all efforts for the development. Beginning to set it up.

But one question; Is there any dashboard etc. to be used on a android device that can work as keypad for the alarm ? (Correct pin -> armed etc) ?

BR / O


As far as I know:

Homeyda.sh was a start for implementing the keypad.
However due to limited time of the developer AND the uncertainty about the implementation in 2.0 I tought they decided to put development on a hold till 2.0 is released.
When 2.0 is released the developers will see if they continue the development of the dashboard with the keypad.


@2be You’re right, development on that has stopped.

@oPzOpZ for now you will have to rely on adding the Surveillance Mode Switch en using it from the Homey app.


Are there a way to make a countdown sound with beep beep beep instead of the voice countdown or is it eventually going to be implemented in the Heimdall app?

I know it can be done by flows but think it could be nice to have as a part of the app instead… and furthermore I could need a good sound for the countdown :slight_smile:

Best regards


Make or find your sound and create a MP3 in an sound editor for the needed time (say 40second).
Play it with soundboard app using a flow card.


I’ve thought about this before, but you’re the first to ask for it so I wonder how many users want this and if it’s worth the time to write the functionality.

You can make a feature request here as a reminder for me and a way for you to track progress.


I’d give a +1 to this
I had it set up like that prior to this app, it’s more ‘authentic’ I guess with other alarm systems…

What would be amazing is if it could be set to do it on a particular siren, but imagine that would be super complex for the app


Yep plus 1, but I guess I can add this to the activation flows already



Thanks for answers… But I have seen some guides (but cant find them now) to connect a MQTT “panel” from android to this task… Have anyone tried that with success?


I experienced a little fault in the logic of deactivating.
In my flows I check whether surveillance is activated and then deactivate.


If Heimdal is in the delay time before activating this flow will not deactivate the surveillance mode. Somebody entering after being away within delay time. After this the alarm will go of because of the movements in activated surveillance.

I solved this now by discarding the check on survaillance mode


Could you please post your flows?


Heimdall does not work on Homey 2.0

This is known. With the release of Homey 2.0 the athom-api which Heimdall relies on is also updated to a new version. Heimdall needs to be rewritten to function with the new athom-api.
Unfortunately I only own one Homey and me and my family rely on it to automate our home.
Since Homey 2.0 is just released as a Release Candidate to the experimental channel I’m not gonna update it right now. I will keep a close eye on the experiences of the people who took the plunge and decide when to update based on that.


Darnet, that’s to bad! I hope your confidence level in V2 rises quickly.
For me: I took the plunge and am pleasantly surprised: for now, all my flows seem to work. Some gui slowness in the app, but that’s about it!

Thanks for the app though, looking forward to the v2 compatible version! Let me know if I can help in some way (not a programmer)!