Help! Trouble adding a new user


Hi. I’m New to Homey and are trying to add a new user, but I always end up with this message:

“The given user is already a user of this Homey”

Under “Settings” and “Users” the status is still Waiting for confirmation

H E L P ! ! !


In your current browser you are probably already logged in with your first account.

For the New user:

  1. Invite the new user (different e-mail)
  2. Signup for the new user at: with that e-mail address
  3. Get a Confirmation Email and klik the link for that user (other browser or incognito window)
  4. Klik on the link in the e-mail from step 1 (Accept invitation)

As stays logged on you could use fe an incognito window in Chrome for the second account