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Help with basic setup of a z-wave wall switch

Hi, I have googled for a loooong time and I just can’t find a basic guide or description on how to set up my newly purchased Z-Wave 8-button 4 channel Wall Switch. I’ve added it to my homey and it shows up as a device. What I want is to control my lights with this switch. The switch looks like this: https://www.elektroimportoren.no/namron-z-wave-4-kanaler-bryter-k8/4512714/Product.html?Event=livesearch

I want to control my lights via Homey and not directly, but when I add the switch to a flow it only gives me options related to battery status. It doesn’t say eg. “when button 1 is pushed”. What am I missing here?

If there isnt a app for it will be included as a generic device

So you’re saying that it might have gotten added as a generic device even though I found an app and added it? In short, should I see actions like “when button is pushed” or must these kind of switches be set up in another way?

Most off these devices control the different buttons with the option off “ set a scene“. In those cases you mostly get the option which button you want to control

Ow i just thought it would be added as generic device…thought there wasnt a app for that brand. admit i didnt look in the appstore.

Product details



I just configured a similar switch, the Namron Z-wave 2 channel switch (1 channel in URL).

The switch does not support the onoff capability you expected, but you can use the scene association to achieve the same outcome.

This is what I did to control my Philips Hue bulbs:

  1. Add the switch using the Namron app in Homey.
  2. Add a flow:

Wall controller - 4 button - 2 channel (Z-wave)
A scene has been activated
Group 2 - On (I) Pressed 1x

Phlips Hue GU10
Turn on

Duplicate the same flow and modify it to create a flow to turn off the light. I also used the scene capability to assign relative dim levels to the 2 lower buttons on the switch.

I did have some initial trouble making this work due to the distance between the switch and the Homey (They were 2 floors apart). Hopefully, installing some Heatit dimmers will extend the z-wave mesh.

Did you ever figure out why you only get battery info? I have the same problem.