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Help with Water sensor from aqara

Hello i heave 2 aqara water sensors but how can i connect these to the Homey

Hello Paul,

  1. There is very up to date topic special for the Xiaomi / Aqara Zigbee devices. So why open a new topic.
    Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)

  2. There is a good search function on this forum, and its there to be used ofcourse

And there for 3 if you would take some of your own time instead of right away asking the question. You could very easy find the answer yourself.

and 4 just wondering? In real life, your also asking everything to others, before even a few seconds spending to find the answer yourself??? You dont use google for example :wink: ofcourse you do, so why dont use search here.

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While these are not supported by the Zigbee App you could still use them by using a zigbee sniffer and Node RED. Or If you prefer you could use the MQTT broker app for Homey.

Hello Marlon,
Thank you for youre valued replay

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Just saw that v0.6.0 of Teds Xiaomi App is waiting for approval and seems to include the flood sensor.

TedTolboomZ-wave & Zigbee developer



Any news on Aqara flood sensor? Nobody needs its support in Homey?

No news about the Aqara flood sensor. Still waiting for Athom the release the Zigbee rewrite and (!) add support for the IAS clusters (required for the Aqara Flood-, Smoke and Gas-sensor)


Just wait for Athoms approval of v0.6.0; this should include support for the flood sensors.

@Mario_Me April 1st is not even close…