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High system load > 100%

Hi to all!

Homey has now more than a week a very high system load, always above 100% sometimes more than 300%.
Can someone explain how it’s even possible the system load can be more than 100%?
Homey version V4.2

So basically if homey is almost always higher then 100 its just to busy and puts actions in wait. (from my understanding, just read it somewhere)

I guess @robertklep explaned it somewhere.

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Thanks, that make sense!


While we are at this subject, what should I make of the CPU load of apps. The graph of most of my apps look like te Fibaro app. Some like the “Afval Herinnering 2.0” app, and a few like the Beacon app.

When I add up all percentages of all apps combined, it doesn’t come close to the (sometimes 300) percentage Homey’s CPU is using.

I was hoping the insights graphs would shed some light on what is going on with the high CPU load, but it doesn’t. What is the best way to troubleshoot the high CPU load then?

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These graphs are pretty useless, they show the CPU time for an app, which is always increasing (until the app stops, when it gets reset to 0). They also don’t use the same scale on the Y axis, which makes it difficult to compare apps.

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Ow, how nice :thinking:

Thanks for the explanation though.