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Hogar Controls Z-Wave Switches

Hello all, I am quite new to Home Automation and Homey. I have run into a problem and would like your assistance.

There is brand of Z-Wave switch called Hogar Controls. There is an app for that in Homey as well, however when I add the switch using the app, I get this error

After that I removed the switch and the app, and added the switch as a Basic Z-Wave device, upon doing that I was able to add the switch and can control ON/OFF for it. However, when I press the switch manually/physcally, the status of the switch doesn’t change on the app, so if power on the switch manually, the homey app still shows It as off and vice versa.

Can someone help me on how to solve this issue, and I there is a way I can fix this.

We are the developer of the app and have found the issue. We will update the app soon.

Thank you very much for the response. I was planning to get in touch with your directly to request if you could add this switch as well on the list.

Thank you, will await the update of the app.

I have the 4 gangs switch. When I added it with Hogar app, it show the basi z-wave device then Homey can control the 1st switch only. How can I solve it?

Just looking at buying some switches - can you confirm the function of the controls?
Looking at their devices they can be set to tap or hold but not both?

Can I dim even if the panel is set to tap on/off?

Also, do you plan to support the upcoming Multi Control Touch switch?

Can you show a screenshot of the device id, manufacture number etc for your 4 gang? It might be a different variant from what we have.

Only dimmer panel can tap and rotate (dim). If it is just an on/off switch you can’t dim it.
We have no plans for multi control touch switch. Unless we have a set to try to add.