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Home security with Homey (creating an Alarm)

Thanks! I thought I would go for the app supported by Athom itself because I was stupid enough to think that they would actively keep it updated. But the Aeotec app is missing the Led Bulb 6 and the TriSensor, both devices I made “please support these” requests for but I doubt they ever will. I can imagine that they get tons of “please support device x”, but if they are new devices on an app you chose to support as a company…

I would be OK with that if they now have all developers working at a backup and restore function for Homey. That is my main reason for sticking with Z-Wave only devices from the minimum amount of vendors. If Homey dies on me without having a backup/restore and I need to reconfigure everything anyway I’m going to switch to another platform having at least backup and restore covered.

With only Z-Wave devices that should make it easier I guess. I also have a rather large house with thick concrete walls. There are already over 10 wall plugged fibaro switches and the Z-Wave network is still not reliable enough. As soon as the Led Bulb 6 gets supported I intent to place those bulbs everywhere I now still have “normal” lights, boosting the Z-Wave mesh even further.

I need over 30 door/window sensors and about 10 motion detectors to cover everything, so that would be an investment I only want to make once, and not to replace when moving to another platform or adding numerous devices to solve the same network stability issues I had with Z-Wave. Couple of false alarms and the WAF factor drops that low that the wife throws everything out.

So this is a bit of a dilemma. The Xiaomi tip is extremely tempting but I would need to change my whole idea about sticking to 1 protocol… will take the weekend to think about that :slight_smile:. I do know now that I’m not going for the multisensor 6 or fibaro multisensor.

Heimdall is amazing Danee, just donated 10 euros, hope you keep up the great work.

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Just look at aqara sensor pricing on aliexpress and you will realize that its worth investment compared to e.g. fibaro. Its 4x cheaper - You can have tiny door sensor for 7usd!
And I believe that multi protocol platforms will be common in near time.

Personally I have the best result with the neo’s. I don’t see the need for a tamper alarm on a pir since when placed correctly (like in a corner) you would never come close to it without been detected.

Thaks @Cuflee.
As long as Athom doesn’t change the level of access an App from a community developer has and allows Heimdall to exists next to the coming Homey security I will keep it alive!

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Just one hint to have power supply with backup for Homey. this week I installed new power supply with battery backup option. Its able to power 12V and 5V(usb) devices. More info in this thread: https://community.athom.com/t/homey-powerbank/2634/17?u=igy

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@Rickp, I like the fact that if I see a burgler in the house I could just hit one of the sensors to trigger the alarm by having it in tamper alert. Like additional panic buttons :slight_smile:

@Igy, yes, I UPS-ed both my Homey, router, wifi, and phone dialer.

@DaneedeKruyff, did not realize that Atom was working on Homey security as well. They should have made a deal with you buying Heimdall cause it’s great.

Does anyone have the Aeotec Sensor 7? I bought 1 to start testing with. Upon installing the sabotage alert triggered, Homey still has it in sabotage mode. How should you reset that?

Also, the sensor is Z-Wave Plus using S2 with advanced encryption and security, but if I check the advanced settings within Homey for the device, it displays an “x” on “beveiligd” (“secured”):

Why would that be? I’m using this weekend to decide what to do, Z-Wave, Zigbee, a combination…, but my current tests are so disappointing that I might just install a new professional alarm instead.

The Sensor7 is about 7 meters away from Homey, though 3 out of 10 times it missed that the door opened. By arming Heimdall it warned me that the door was still opened while it was closed. Not Heimdall’s fault, but the sensor failed to report to Homey that it was closed again.

I don’t need that kind of sensoring. My Galaxy had some issues as well, but opening a door with the alarm active started the alarm instantaneously each and every time and if it indicated something was still opened I could be sure that is was.

Well, so far for my test with the Aeotec Sensor 7. It totally stopped registering anything. I removed the device and tried to include again, but it won’t. Sometimes pushing in the battery lets the led blink, but most of the time it does not even do that anymore, 3 times pressing the button does not blink a led at all. I don’t know if these sensors are crap or I got a crappy device. Luckily I bought it at RobbShop and they usually have a good return policy. I’ll test one more, if that also is unstable or fails within 2 days my trust level for doing it this way will be down the drain.

I use Strips from Sensative across the whole house since over two years now and they work without any problems. You can integrate them in the door and window and no one notice that there is a contact alarm. As the stips are in the window/door you don‘t need an extra sabotage alarm, because you can not access the sensor without opening the door/window.

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Tnx, I’ve seen them and they are interesting. What is holding me back is the non replaceable battery. It should last 10 years, but if that is based upon 2 openings a day I will use them way faster and that would make them expensive.

I think my sensor7 had a bad battery, it has 3.5 volts, but drops to 2.3 as soon as the sensor load is on it, that could be insufficient. Bought a new battery for only 1.50 euros, delivery cost was higher. Gonna give it one more try as soon as the new battery is in.

@DaneedeKruyff, would it be possible to use the Netamo Welcome camera as a motion detector within Heimdall?

I’m still figuring out what motion detectors I should use. The Fibaro is terrible, I’ve seen a Neo Coolcam last weekend at a friend, but it only detects within about 3m range and then I figured I wanted indoor camera’s as well. The Netamo has motion detection, so would be great if I could have a combined device with that, both motion sensoring as wel as a camera.

Give a try to Aqara motion sensor (zigbee), Im surprised with its range, no false alarms and size (its half the Fibaro/Neo size).
For Netamo, I dont have any, but it should work based on netatmo app comments.

Thanks, its the size that makes me worry a bit :slight_smile: My Galaxy sensors were huge compared to the fibaro, but they did work. How could they even make something work even smaller.

But I only hear good responses for the Aqara and they are inexpensive. I’ll order one to test with, thanks. Can you set all LED’s off (if it has any)? It’s annoying if you keeps seeing those led’s blink at night.

Unfortunately it seems the motion detection from Netatmo devices are not mapped to the alarm_motion capability, meaning Heimdall can’t use them.
The capabilities in Homey are an abstraction layer between Homey and each unique device, when a device function is mapped to a capability everything in Homey can use the device without knowing anything about the device or specific brand or type.
So the in order to use the Netatmo as a motion detector it should be built into the app. Unfortunately the app is not open sourced as it is an Athom app so it is not possible for anyone else than Athom to build this support. Best is to contact them and ask them to do this.

There is no annoying LED for motion detection.

Thanks Danee, Athom Support is getting busy just by my requests. I’ve asked them to support this.

Would it still be possible to get the motion detection from the Netamo within a separate flow and have that trigger the Heimdall alarm? As a work-around until they get this fixed someday?

If there is a flowcard that fires when a Netatmo detecs motion you could map it to a virtual motion sensor, see the Heimdall faq and the instructions

Well, I bought a Netatmo Welcome today to experiment if that works well as a combined motion detector / camera. I do worry a bit that it works with comparing images, so if a car with headlights drives by and lights up the room I would get a false “motion detection”, but we’ll see. If it’s no good for that it’s still a nice camera, but in that case I need motion detectors as well and leaning towards the Aqara.

Unfortunately the Homey Store was out of stock, Always want to support Athom first, but then they do need stock.

Lol, @DaneedeKruyff, Heimdall is excellent, with the events it is raising including the tags I can use the Google TTS app to have all my google home devices say where the intruder is.

This is perfect! My Galaxy alarm went bleeping, but you had to go to the panel in order to see what triggered.

Now you can hear what triggered the alarm throughout the house and you get a quick idea of where the intruder is heading. Fantastic. Still only have a couple of sensors to play with, but this is great.