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Homekit and Homey

Hey guys

I just bought my Homey pro and want to achieve one simple task: To control my Apple Homekit devices with it. However I can only add Homey as a bridge to control the connected devices from Homey but not vice versa. Is there a way to do this?

Background: I can control things as my door sensors only via Homekit but want to be able to control it via Homey as well. They are “Eve” things and they is no way to connect it with other services like an App or Google assistant


No sorry, there are no Homekit Controller implementations for Homey.

Hey thanks for reply. Yeah I read some other threads that you once started creating an app but abandoned it / Homey. Thats so sad. Looks I am gonna have to send it back, wont spend 400€ for something I cant even use :smiley: