HomeKit or Homeykit


Seems to me both are aiming to do exactly the same.
Why are there two apps?
Which of the two is preferable and why?


I use Homeykit so i can control everything with siri, super easy to setup and works perfectly…


I tried both !

Homeykit use to always forget my devices (add or delete).
Homekit seams to be more stable (for my case).



2 Days later,
After you said that you used Homekit instead
of Homeykit i tried Homekit again and it supports more devices than Homeykit does.
I’ve switched now, Thanks!


Homekit doesn’t work outside wifi, only inside wifi.


Guess i don’t need it to work outside of my wifi network but thanks for the info.


Homeykit doesn’t work outside WIFI neither I think? At least without a Homekit hub (apple TV/iPad) this is.
Homeykit is stable for me the post period.


If you setup your AppleTV (or even with Ipad I think) to be a Homekit hub, it works outside as well.

I always get a push message from Homekit on my phone if my Nuki lock state changes.

I use Homeykit by the way, for no particular reason (it works, so didn’t see a reason to try Homekit app)


I wanted to know if there was a difference in the approach, i couldn’t really find one, Homeykit had everything in alphabetical order and homekit doesn’t but then i noticed that my Sonos was available with homekit but not with homeykit so now i can pause, resume play next and forward without adding virtual devices and stuff.

That’s the main reason i switched but both Homeykit and Homekit are great and for me those apps are the initial reason i bought Homey, so i could use Siri (strapped on my wrist) to control everything…