Homematic App (v1.0.0 Beta)




This App adds supports for Homematic devices through the CCU2 / CCU3 / RaspberryMatic

I have only tested it with the RaspberryMatic, but it should work with the CCU2 and CCU3 as well.


Github Repository

Supported Homematic Interfaces

  • BidCos
  • Homematic IP
  • CUxD

Supported devices

  • HM-Sec-SCo
  • HM-SwI-3-FM
  • HM-WS550STH-I (tested via CUxD)
  • HmIP-eTRV-2
  • HmIP-SPI


It is required that the Homey IP and the CCU IP are configured in the settings of the app. The app needs to be restarted after the settings have been saved.

The IP of the Homey is required as the app run an RPC server for each interface. This is required by the CCU to sends events to.

Known issues

  • No authentication supported.
  • So far it was only tested with my own setup, therefore I require someone else to test this App before I can submit it to the App Store.


Question from my side. Does this also work with Qivicon?
CCU3 is great by the way, but dont want to get rid of “Smartlife Veilig”


I only tested it with RaspberryMatic since that is the only thing I have it used the xmlrpc and binrpc API. So far I always connect to Bidcos, Homematic IP and CUxD. Therefore I would not expect it to work out if the box with Qivicon, but if it supports the xmlrpc API then it might be possible to get it to work.
Are you able to connect with other Homematic Apps to the Qivicon?



Hi Timo, Qivicon supports Homematic devices. Furthermore I have numerous devices running on this (including some remote controls I use to switch lights). I will try when I am at home. It should support RPC.


i use a pi 3 with the hm-mod-rpi-pcb an fhem as operating system , can i help to test ? p


@Marc_A You can manually install the App from the github repo.
Instructions are as described here

Instead of step 4 you have to clone the github repo and run npm install within the cloned directory.

Then continue with step 5.


Hi, what is the progress of this beta app? I’m looking into Alpha IP, is it the same as Homematic IP?