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Homematic App (v1.0.0 Beta)

Can you tell me whether the measured temperature of the Homematic Thermostats like HmIP-BWTH, will show up in Homey Insights? Or is this something which has to be explicitly supported by this App?

Hello, can you make a app for the Access Point frim homematic ip? I have only the Access Point and i would it connceted ti my homey. Any Ideas?

I think the AP doesnt´t work.

Is it possible to include the HmIP-eTRV-C?

Sorry, it is not possible to support the Access Point. This app is only for the CCU2/3. There is no official API for the Access Point.

@MacWulf The reason for the app to be paused by Homey is that it uses too much memory. The only solution for this is to switch to MQTT mode, but this only works with the CCU3 or RaspberryMatic as it requires the NodeRed and Mosquitto Addons to be installed. The required steps are documented in the Wiki.

Please help to install 0.17 version. I tried many times, and i can not make this. I have cloned repository but i dont know how to instal it on homey. Thanks in advance

It would be great if you can integrate the following devices in the next update:


i have post it on your github Seite already.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

hello, i am also urgently looking for integration of HM-Bl1PBU-FM (roller shutter), would that be possible?


i´m new to Homey and have several Homematic Devices in my Home. But most of them are not supported. Can you please integrate following devices:


Thanks!! This would be great!!!

Hey Timo!
I get the app running with Homematic and Homey. Is it possible to implement some more HomematicIP components, because there are still missing basic functions/components in my Smart-home-system.

Here is a little List what is missing:
-HmIP-PS (plug socket)
-HmIP-SWSD (smoke detector)
-HmIP-ASIR-2 (alarm siren)

Many thanks in advance for your help!


Also it would be nice to support:

Thanks in advance

Hello Timo,
I sorely miss the integration of HmIp-SLO.