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Homematic App (v1.0.0 Beta)

ok so I don’t have to set anything further, not even in firmware of ccu2 ports or something? do you have ccu2 or ccu3 because i get the devices

now when i try to add devices i get this the ip address of the ccu

If a new firmware is available for the CCU2, then you should also update it, of course. But this has nothing to do with the interaction between the CCU and Homey. By updating the firmware of the CCU bugs are fixed, processes are optimized, new devices are supported. As with other devices too.

It seems like everything is configured correctly (because you are able to add devices), but anyway here are some info about the configuration of the CCU and the Homey Homematic App.

Info from the CCU installation description on GitHub
In the firewall of the CCU, ports 2121 (HTTP), 2122 (HTTPS), 1883 (MQTT) and 8883 (Secure MQTT) must be unblocked, depending on the use case:

These are the settings of the Homey Homematic App I have (I guess port 2121 in you setting will also work):

→ Save changes
→ Show Stored Bridges (then you will see a serial no. and the IP address of the CCU)

Yes, this is correct. So you can add your device.

Oke but we can not my devices connect my ccu2😓

Don’t understand what you mean.

now i can use the ccu2 mine
can’t add devices can’t find them not in inbox

t the firmware is up to date of not?

And we see only this not the options the you have

No, what I found in the internet the current FW for the CCU2 seems to be v2.57.5 (Link).

After a firmware update the layout may look different.

But sorry, I can’t do all the internet searching for you.

yes sorry but I doubted because thought if that install then the jack-ccu disappears hence the question and maybe a bit stupid I just came too
mail sent to homematic why I can’t add the devices

The screenshot shows that your current firmware is version (which is really strange!).
It may be that the firmware version doesn’t support the HmIP-WTH-B devices, because the fw is old and the devices are more or less new.
So the first way would be to update the firmware. If it is possible to update the firmware directly from version to version 2.57.5, I don’t know.

I have updated the software to the newest I confused it with additional software because I think it is good but I still do not get more options with the firmware in principle it is not necessary I think because homey sees it but I still have to get it done to connect devices to ccu2 according to homematic who just answered I have to reset everything to factory and should work I am very curious

Sorry, I thought the version was the firmware of the CCU2, but it is CCU-Jack. And you wrote:

That irritated me, sorry.
So everything is up-to-date now and let’s see what happens after the factory reset.

I want to thank you for
the support you made for me to watch because yes it worked

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Is there any plan to support the HmIP-BSL?

We have a problem how can this we change the tempratuur to thermostaat in the homey but the thermostate on the radiator change not wats

It’s al working now

Mvg Jonathan

Hello Timo,

I don’t know if you are the right person for my problem, but I guess you are.

There is the possibility to set the status indicator for each device. I would like to be able to do this with your app. Then I could see the actual value of the thermostats at a glance. The setpoint does not interest me, …

Can you please add the function? That would be a dream!

Thanks already

Hi Timo,
Do you support the new homey bridge?
If not, is there something planned?

Thanks for a short notification

Best regards

I guess that’s the answer to your question: