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Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List


What features are now build into the core and where can i find how to use them.



Cannot find it either, not on Git hub?


Is luxaflex powerview app working on 2.0?


Vision security is built by me in sdk V1. I also wrote Zwave.Me, with sdk V1.
Both are apps that only control zwave devices.

Since I read above that Zwave.me works, I am 99% sure that Vision security works as well.

Can someone tell me if the trashcan reminder app still works??(dutch only app I think)


Anyone tested Yamaha Receiver, Youless & Magister app?


Trashcan reminder working here

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Xiaomi Mi Flora is not working. Permission issue with BLE.


Virtual devices multi mode is working correctly after the yesterday appupdate, although the icon are visible as on/off buttons, so you have to guess which button is what…


Seems not to work with mine.


Yamaha Receiver seems to be working correctly




Onkyo app just released an update to 2.0.4. Maybe it solves the installing problems.



Is working. Note the gateway app is not created by Athom.


Not working for me the app is crashing.


Youless works for me.


The screensaver of Robin Gruijter’s Enelogic and Youless app did not work for me.
But after the update (to 2.0.0-rc.4) the screensaver does work!


Device Groups v2 Support is now in beta.

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Works fine, I have 1 evohome unit and 8th radiator valves.