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By Athom stating that nobody ever needs to use negative numbers, probably :joy:


Yes exactly. I did itbut it was really hard to do.


Guess in this case it’s more :green_apple: thinking no-one needs negative numbers… I suggested to Athom to use two dots and convert that to a dash internally. Or is that not possible on an :green_apple: :iphone: ?


No, it’s definitely because Athom uses the pattern [0-9]* (or \d*) in the <input> element, which doesn’t allow hyphens.

You can also trigger a more complete numeric keyboard on iOS:


Looks like an overkill for a number-field? Actually, can’t imagine :green_apple: doesn’t have a keyboard for numbers which may also be negative?


That’s the one showing in the screenshot. Welcome to the wonderful world of mobile-only.


Homey v2.0.0-rc.12:

  • [Weather] Added Insights log
  • [NFC] Fixed ‘A specitic tag has been detected’ Flow card
  • [Web API] Fixed Device.data missing



Homey v2.0.0-rc.13:

  • [Core] Fixed a memory leak
  • [Insights] Fixed an error occuring on sundays
  • [Insights] Added Last 7 days & last 14 days
  • [Presence] When speaking to Homey directly, and there’s only one user, use that user
  • [Date & Time] Fixed an edge case where sunrise Flow cards would not work



Do you think it is OK to post on the Dutch discussion, I can read it but not write. Anyway, from the release notes it seems like Insights might be working. I just don,t know where to find it in the experimental version?





You writing in englisch is nothing wrong with. And for the insights did you search? did you look a the start at this topic???

hint hint


Awesome, thanks for the hint.



How do we know what the version number is of the (android) application. can’t seem to find it…

On this site, the updates are not really reliable:


Staat er gewoon :wink:


OK, that is exactly my point. My version is, dating: 08 january 2019.

@Roy: time for an update? :slight_smile: So not every obvious answer is the right one…

Via: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.homey
you will have access to the most recent version of the app, altough you will not find the version number on this page… Can anyone confirm?


:rofl: just showing the playstore version. And dont need to update. Not using V2 already


Homey iOS App 0.18.0 (243 ) on iOS 12.1.3 is a little fucky. I get into the app, I can open Home, Flows and More but when I click on devices I get a blank screen.


I’ve had the same on a NOX-android two times now. Deleting cache or deleting and reinstalling the app worked for me…


Yep, looks like the update didn’t go properly through.


Just log out and log in again. I had this on previous versions too.