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Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]



Will try that next time :ok_hand:

Do you guys have flows too that aren’t always triggered properly especially when using presence?


2.0 Release in 5 days?


Unbelievable really…
They are happy to release it knowing its not finished


How would you know that?


Do you believe they will have all the bugs and issues they quietly archived fixed in less than 5 days?

There are tonnes of bugs… Yet they release a new version of the app today that fixes profile pictures sometimes not showing… Priorities


in my case, 2.0 works better then 1.5 - for me its definitely ready for release!

T - 4d :sunglasses:


You have to make a difference between bugs which are already there and bugs which are specific to 2.0, so what’s the difference between 1.5.x and 2.0 ? Would be good to make a list of things specific to the change…


For a very very short moment I thought that they delude themselves that they really believe that it is totally finished and bugfree.
But no, I’m absolutely 100% convinced they are in a healthy mental state.

I still want to see them succeed in making a great home automation platform. I just hope they are able to pull this off.


Why make a difference? Would be a low bar to reach, but even when it’s not it is an arbitrary one.
I don’t see an angle in that what would be interesting to argue about.


Its a very big difference, by your logic Athom should not release any updates to Homey unless every single bug and issue is fixed. If you were to follow your logic - version 1.5 would never have been released because it still have bugs in it identified in v1.4 - or for that matter no version ever of homey would ever be released.

I guess I also disagree about there being an angle in which to argue about as well.


One example

v2 - 4 DIFFERENT brands of motion sensors…
All have issues with tracking the motion changes - Coincidence? Athom blame the developer of the devices… hmmm…

v1.5 - same motions sensors work fine 100% of the time…

Motions sensors are FUNDAMENTAL to automation. If you dont have a fundamental issue worked out and a solution in testing, then how can you put a 5 days release schedule out there…

Well you can, if you dont care about fixing the bug… which is what my point was…


I just added another Fibaro Double Switch 2 to the Wall but there seems to be something that screwed up.

First I checked in developer.athome.com and spotted that I have 3 unkown nodes but I don’t know why they aren’t properly recognized or might they ‘ghost’ devices from deleted z-waves modules which somehow remained in the system?

Also when I added my wallswitch 2 I received the notification at the end of the inclusion that no z-wave device was found yet when I try again to include it I get the message that it has already been added but I don’t seem to be able finding the device anywhere :joy:

Edit: Reset the device and included it again. So it work besides that it was weirdly fast. It identified the z-wave module as slave and bam done. Usually it does security exchange, runs 21 parameters etc.


Well, if that is the case, and sometimes the optics indeed are like that, then we have bought our self into a world of pain. Then we better head for the hills

But every company has constraints it has to work with, in time scope people budget. There is just no unlimited variant in the real world. They have to make choices. And ultimately we as costumers, too


Well communication goes a long way. I feel a little bit more involvement of athom in the forum would strengthen the community tremendously.


Homey v2.0.0 experimental

Homey v2.0 is here! Get the Homey app and enjoy the biggest update we’ve ever made!



alll i can do is



Ok, so instead of polishing it a bit further they just throw it out in the open. Yeh… great idea. Wonderful.


Then you can keep on polishing, you need draw a line somewhere so they can sell homeys again.

They will keep polishing when it is released, and people aren’t forced to update either (you still need to download the Gen 2 app, and press the update button manually)


Still expirimental


Sure, but the timer runs out in 4 days.