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I know this Forum but I mean a structured list. Something I would expect from Athom but maybe someone on this forum made it? Something like this:

Appname Compatible Version Known issues/remarks
Fibaro Yes Beta x.12 x not wokiing
App for fun No 0.14 Developer working on it


You have to unzip the downloaded zip file into a new directory, then from this new directory, you start what did above.


It is unzipped and checking for the error message it comes back to some kind of validation problem



Did the unzip not create a new directory? go into that directory and start from there.


Ah sorry yeah that was in the beginning my mistake. I unzipped it again and it ran through until it came to the validation part. There it failed


You have to do changes at least in the app.json that It will work.

In the defaultConfiguration block there have to be number for the ids (parameter number)
you can find that numbers in the driver.js file (index)


Thanks for this! it works again :slight_smile:


First sorry for my english. I updated today 2.0.0 and now dont work the audio jack output, can anybody test please. Thanks


works for me. Did you set your volume?


Yes. With the old firmware i have no problems and now dont work.


Hi, i upgraded today and i now have sound i both internal and external in the same time, in version 1.5 it muted the internal when i connect the cable. i dont know if this is a bug or if it planned to be like this, i hope it can be a choise because internal sound really is bad:)


To be honest, up till now I didn’t see anyone report this :thinking:


For me woks only internal, external dont work.



Please report this.


I want to report the problem, but where i can do that? only have my Homey for 1 week:)




Thanks, was looking for that link also. Why did they remove it from the firmware-page? They think 2.0 is bug-free now? :yum:


You get to that link by first searching on the support page apparantly :slight_smile:


But u must agree the Henk is not gonna find that link, let go Ingrid is gonna find it!


You calling me a Henk?? :wink: