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Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]



Sorry, was not personal. But u catch my drift aye?


Of course. That’s why I put the :wink: at the end :smile:


Thanks!.. now i send a report:)


I just updated my Homey to 2.0 and I must say the app is a great improvement over the previous one.

However (and this is a big one) unless there’s also a new and improved desktop/web app available at some point down the line I’m sorely disappointed. I know this point has already been debated to death by the community but I hope that every new complaint is a new chance for Athom to change their view.


Hmm can’t agree with the 60 % :anguished: and I find this immensely useful…not


Sorry, but it’s a bit ridiculous (except for the incorrect data being shown for you of course) to scroll up so the entire screen is used for the timeline and then complain that it takes up too much space… :smirk:


Sure :slight_smile:
But it definitely takes to much space. Should be possible to collapse it or completely deactivate it being shown on the home tab.
Home tab should be a dashboard. Quick overview about all that’s important. Timeline can be a separate tab.


Fully agree with that :slight_smile:


Can someone tell me if the daikin app is v2 compatible?



The developer says no, but mix feelings in this posts.

I have just installed the app first time on v2, could find the air con unit (I know this because it reports back the inside temp correctly) but controls do not send any commands to my air con.I got a couple of times an error “could not send network commands”

Using for the past year very successful the Remotec ZXT-120 and since my air con is a bit older with an wifi adaptor fitted, the Remotec gives me all functions unlike the Daikin adaptors which gives only partial control.


Have the same. If anyone has found a workaround please post it!


And besides that their is this issue https://github.com/athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues/issues/25 that Athom has to fix.


This afternoon Homey 2.0 installed. Everything worked perfectly. My compliments to Athom and all developers for this wonderful app. A huge progress. Also the other developers of Heimdall, Xiaomi, Broadlink etc. my compliments. There will be some minor problems, but I assume that all will be committed to achieving a good result. Chapeu


Installed 2.0 this afternoon, was ready in 13 minutes including 2 app updates. Everything seems to work without changes. Cleaned insights history, did a PTP en reboot before the update. Might or might not have helped.


@Ron_van_Muilekom and @Audun_Sivertsen hey guys see here, good news!

Daikin AI


Thanks for the info @danone
I don’t have a Daikin yet, but very soon. Sure nice to see support for version 2.0


It’s a great app Made by @Homey_Lampje! 5 stars :wink:


A new update rc :slight_smile:


l’ve updated Homey to 2.0.1-rc-2. It seems it fixed the fibaro s1 switching from the app.


You must know that its An experimental update. I didn,t see this before updating. Everyting works fine but you never know