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Homey 2.0.0 Experimental discussion [EN]



Rc for Release candidate should tell you that it is no stable release.


Release candidates in the Homey universe are what the rest of the world calls “beta”.


some might say… late Alpha or Early Beta…

but thats just some people :wink::laughing:


Just updated my homey to 2.0

I love the new App environment, but everything is far from stable:

  • Connection with internet is lost frequently (lots of apps installed for enhanced functionality)
    but homey IS connected to the wifi
  • I really mis the inability to acces the homey from just the local Wifi network with my laptop/Smartphone
  • App continually crashes, time-outs with loading
  • half of the flows became crippled after the update (i’m using virtual states to minimize flow and just set some integers as input or “trigger” to start dependent flows.) As i program VB, but am a noob in JavaScr. i tend to “program” with virtual devices and “value-cards”.
  • Homey

Wish i could roll back to where my homey was working and the app did not time-out / fail to load.


RC is the last stage in testing period… also in the rest of the world. for me sounds good



You’re forgetting the “Experimental” stage in Athom development. Having more than a dozen “release candidates”, like Athom has had for various versions of their firmware, is not normal.


Did the update last Sunday. Oh I regret this. Homey is constant ofline.
Powered off but this did not help. What to do now?


Since Yesterday I do have a new Homey running on V2.0 because my old one died.
I did yesterday pair devices and did enter some flows.
All working fine.
This morning I did open the app at work and was able to check some flows.
All in sudden the app say: Homey is offline.
Also the developers page saying Homey is offline.
Any suggestions what to do?

EDIT: After half an hour I decided to make a VPN connection, after that it suddenly works/ connected again?? :flushed:
Reconnecting the VPN no connection to Homey again
It looks like external connection is broken somehow and only local connection is working?

EDIT 2: Homey status says for Homey Connect: degraded. That explanes the story


Once again it is time to draw the line, as Homey 2.0.0 is no longer experimental this thread has been be closed.

A new thread has been opened in which talk of the 2.0.1 experimental release can be discussed.


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