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Homey 2.0 - I feel cold answer: 'no items with temperature option found'


I just upgraded to Homey 2.0 a few days ago.

With Homey 1.5.3 and the older versions I often said: “OK Homey I feel cold” (OK Homey ik heb het koud) then Homey always responded with : “Shall I set the temperature 1 degree higher?” (Zal ik de temperatuur een graadje hoger zetten?) Than when I replied with yes, my Homey set the Nest thermostat 1 degree higher. Perfect.

With Homey 2.0 this isn’t working anymore.
I say: “OK Homey I feel cold” (OK Homey ik heb het koud)
No Homey responds with: I can find any item with a temperature option (Ik kan geen apparaten vinden met een temperatuur optie)

How to solve this? The Nest thermostat is seen in the list of Apparaten, and when I press this button I see the Nest screen and I can put the temperature higher


Which thermostate do you have? I have the Thermosmart.


I have the Nest Thermostat here.

This command did work here for a long time with Homey already, but it isn’t working for 2 days anymore since I updated to Homey 2.0


Filed an issue…


They took this out Homey, not you can say ‘Set the thermostat to 19 degrees’.